Roaring Fire – Weekly Self-Care Message

Another week is here and oh boy have we felt that fire energy up in here. And, it doesn’t look like it’s widning down. This week’s self care message is playing with fire too!

Our souls are being set on fire, our hearts are awakening to their full potential and our very core is sparking up some major engines in our lives.

Why is fire, as an element, so important in our lives? The way I see it, our inner fire is like a car engine; no engine, no movement… the car becomes stagnant, it won’t take you anywhere. And an engine also needs fuel. All of those little things that we do to keep our fire alive is the fuel we need to keep our lives in motion.

Our inner fire is that source of power, that drive, that impulse to go forward, to create, to birth new things. This fire is also what provides us and others with warmth, it’s what connects us all together. We have the power within ourselves to ignite others as well.

Connect with this element this week, whether it’s in a literal form like a fire ritual, a candle or a bonfire or even in a more metaphorical way and connect with that inner fire. Do one or all! Allow yourself to be sparked back into life and become as bright as you can be.

What brings you warmth in your life? What sets your soul on fire? What needs to be set in motion? In what areas have you had that engine stuck? It’s time to make ’em run again.

We’re moving on… bigger and brighter!


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