Resourcefulness – May 29th 2020

Good day to all!

I’m so excited to share with you guys the message for today!

The archetypal energy that came through today is that of the rat. I know some of us may not be that fond of certain animals but there is something we can always take away from their energy and the rat is no exception.

The message this energy brings for us today can be summed up into to words: resourcefulness and adaptability.

The rat is an animal that fully embodies these qualities. They quickly adapt to their environments and use what sources they have around to settle and thrive. Tell me this isn’t something all of us could use most of the time.

I do see a theme in each individual card for this week and how they create a story together, sort of a timeframe. We’re being asked to move forward, yet sometimes we can get scared and freeze up but we somehow manage to push through. After pushing through, clarity enters and we become aware of the resources we have around us and once we have that drive back our focus can flourish and use those resources to our advantage.

There are always things or opportunities for us, that we can use to our benefit. Always. We always have certain tools available to us, to create and weave the future we can to walk (not run) towards.

The only constant in this universe is change itself, this is why it’s so important to be flexible, to adapt and to allow ourselves to flow into different currents of possibility. We sometimes limit ourselves into thinking things can only work or be achieved in a certain way, but we as humans, have adapted and gone through so many eras that just proves we are much more than we give ourselves credit for. We can survive and still thrive in several different conditions, IF we know how to use the resources we have available.

Keep yesterday’s message in mind as well. If we close ourselves off to really SEE what we have available, we miss big opportunities and possibilities.

Take care and be safe everyone!



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