Reset & Envision – July 31st 2020

Today is a good day to keep your wellbeing in mind; mental, emotional and physical. Perhaps you’re needing to retreat and recharge, with the full moon coming up, we can start to feel a little wired up or jittery! Try not to get too thrown off by what may come up today, keep your focus and if you need to take a few pauses during the day to check on how you’re feeling.

Having a little quiet time for yourself goes a long way because the whispers of the soul are coming through today. But if our mind is busy, noisy and preocupied, we might miss them.

Your soul is trying to speak through different forms, it’s trying to guide you and lead the way to aligning with what you most desire. Do you feel a pull towards something? Someone? Listen to your gut and follow your intuition. But clarity is so necessary to really hear what your soul is nudging you too, so it’s understandable that we need to be receptive.

Are you ready for new destinations and experiences? What life awaits you?

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