Renewal – July 3rd 2020

A little message for pre-lunar eclipse energy.

I don’t know how everyone else has been feeling but I myself have been feeling very High high’s and very low low’s. The energy coming in has not felt in balance to me since June. I also know June was quite difficult for everyone, lots of things to focus on, lots to work on and a lot to process.

July I guess is a little less intense in that way but the energy is not winding down as of yet. Especially with this potent lunar eclipse around the corner.

The message I got today as a collective energy read is clear. There’s still a lot to process and we have to pace ourselves.

Of course for it might seem different to everyone. For some it may look like listing less tasks for the day, for others it might be sleeping more, for some it might look like extras in Self-care routine. Whatever it looks like to you, make sure you’re protecting and nurtiring your own energy. This is still a big Cancer season influence.

Allow yourself to just be, let your energy settle down, let your mind unwind for a bit. Sometimes it’s ok to just exists. Concentrate con breathing too. As silly as it is, sometimes we forget to do it properly.

I’ll be posting the monthly reading and lunar eclipse article later on tonight on the blog.

Stay safe, stay grounded. Love to all.



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