Release The Shackles – April 25th

I wonder how many times a day we make up fake scenarios in our heads and actually give ourselves anxiety over these non-existent movies. 

I know it’s happened to all of you at some poiint or another, I haven’t met a single human being that doesn’t have to fight this impulse at least once a day. 

Today’s card begs us to not pay any sort of attention to the negative or harmful what if’s that come from fears. Thinking ahead and planning for certain snags in our plan is not the same as worrying. I’ll elaborate…

If I currently have a dinner party to throw, and I want it to be fun and entertaining for my guests, a little planning helps. I can select recipes based on the theme or my guests’ preferences are, within that, I can pick the ones that I can handle and have the abilities for (reducing risk of failing and feeling ashamed). That’s helpful to you; identifying what you can do and what is in your control to make things go smoother.

What’s not helpful is allowing thoughts like: what if people show up late?, what if no one likes my cooking?, what if my guests don’t like the food but lie about it to my face? What if my dog eats a part of the meal before I serve it?

Do you see where I’m going with it? Those things have no real value because a lot of them, we have no control over and they might not even happen at all! The rule I try to apply for myself is: If I allow the What If’s, it is only to prepare, not dread or psyche myself out. Worrying to just worry can be so harmful to our body and mind, so when you feel like the what if’s are starting… you can: a) Choose to breathe deep, trust and believe that everything will be ok, b) Listen to those worries to see if there is anything that you strategically can do to try to be as prepared as you can or c) Turn the what if’s into something positive, instead of expecting the worst, think of what the best could be (while still being prepared for the task).

Worry warts, Negative Nancy’s and Nervous Nellie’s should be kept in check today. Listen to them but don’t let them drive!

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