Reflection – October 5th 2020

Today’s draw speaks to us not only about how we see ourselves but what others may be showing us about ourselves.

The mirror effect can be an interesting one. If we are looking at ourselves in it, it doesn’t just show us what we like, it’s shows us who we are. Real. Both what we love and hate about ourselves, but this last part is subjective, because what we see is strongly dependant on how we choose to see ourselves. The mirror shows us what IS, but we see what our perspective allows us to see.

Today is a good day to take a look at yourself with clear and objective vision; without harshness or embellishment. To just see yourself as you are, yo recognize all that’s being reflected to you both the comfort and uncomfort. The light and the shadow as one single being. What makes you unique and special? How is your perspective? Is it scrambled by external or internal voices?

You are a magnificent being. Everything that you are makes you unique and yet so much of what you are connects and resonates with others as well.

For some of you this card may indicate that others are mirroring things about yourself that you may be ignoring or unaware of. Pay attention to what this might be. Important answers are hiding in that reflection and interaction.

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