Reclaiming Power – April 7th

This is never an easy message to process because more often than not, we’re resistant to admit that we’re voluntarily giving our power away. 

Today’s message comes from the always entertaining and brutally honest Rebel Deck. 

Be aware of where you might see this message unfolding in your life. Perhaps there’s a person who really gets under your skin and affects you greatly, maybe you’re selling yourself short in your abilities and potential, or you could even be expressing yourself less than you should, so not to rock the boat. 

The message is clear. Your power is yours. When you feel like other things or people are completely taking over, take a pause and look closely. Are you allowing any of those things to come to pass? If not, is there anything that’s within your own power that could change this seemingly impossible scenario?

A lot of times, we believe that we’re powerless to certain circumstances. While that’s true in the sense that there are certain things out of our control, we still can choose how we let it affect us. This message is all about reclaiming your power, standing tall, expressing yourself, and allowing yourself to truly embody your power. 

It doesn’t matter if you find power in your voice, actions, thoughts or circumstances, but give yourself that chance. Allow yourself to feel in control of what you do, how you do it, and how you let external factors leave an imprint on your experience. 

Know your worth, know your wisdom, know your power, and let it shine.

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