Recharge & Reboot -August 3rd to 9th

You may have read the August Reading and got an idea of what this week’s energy is about, and I’ll expand on that on this post.

The card representing the first week of August is the Four of Air (Swords). It makes good sense to me as to why we might be needing a little R&R this week since both the crescendo for the Lionsgate Portal AND the Aquarius Full Moon both fall on this week.

There’s a lot going on energetically this week, and if we get too wrapped up in what’s going on on the outside, we may be feeling frazzled, anxious or just plain jittery. From Mars influencing our reactions this week, to Saturn making us feel a little restricted, to Uranus pushing us to break free and shake things up, while the Moon is unearthing insight and clarity on individual and collective themes to the magical Lionsgate Portal bringing us information downloads, light codes and such… yeah, that’s a lot going on.

This is exactly why I strongly feel that this week, the best is to be flexible and avoid trying to control everything. To surrender and go where we must in all senses. To discover where our emotions lead us to, where our minds will to go and observe that, and to feel and listen to our body so we can really integrate all of these energies without collapsing or burning out. This week: Easy does it. Try to pace yourself and focus on little tasks, no matter how small they are. Standing in front of a huge mountain while knowing you have to climb it can be scary AF. But, if you focus on taking one step at a time and are present on where you are currently at, in the moment, it takes less of a toll on you and you can even gain some much needed momentum.

Use this energy that promotes contemplation, stillness and sanctuary to regroup, rethink and review the plans that you have for yourself, for your life. Where is your soul calling you to? And how would you want to get there? What changes or adjustments need to be made? Taking some time to sit with yourself does not mean you don’t care, you can’t be productive or you’re checking out. Quite the contrary, it will allow you to be in a more stable mental state, to be able to make decisions from your higher self, instead of an altered and erratic state that might have some bite to it. This can also symbolize a quiet state in which we don’t let our fears take over and make us freeze and turn into a deer in headlights.

This week’s Self-Care message also confirmed this with the Nourishment card. That’s the key this week my fellow humans. Each in their own unique way, but try to stay as present and balanced as you can. Go online and try some DIY recipes for things that catch you eye!

A little “me” time goes a long way in days like these.


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