Reboot July 13th 2020

It’s a new day and the energy keeps shifting!

Today we woke up with Mercury direct in its orbit. Our instincts and clarity may be feeling quite different at this time. There’s a lot of lessons this transit left that we can integrate now.

Trust your gut today. Let it help you navigate through the circumstances you are faced with today, just be sure to be mindful to not overreact or adopt a rigid posture. Listen to yourself. If something feels off to you, find an approach that you feel comfortable and balanced with.

Today is a good day to bring up your energy too. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, lacking energy or sleep, do something that brings that energy back up. Recharge and reboot for the rest of the week. Do something that gets you motivated, that activates you and pumps you up.

We’re navigating through some dense energies still so it’s crucial that we try to maintain our own energy as balanced and neutral as we can.


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