Raise That Vibration – October 6th 2017

6. Inner Star
Inner Star Oracle Deck – Magic Edition

” I let go of old beliefs and blocks as I raise my vibrations and open my mind to new possibilities”
– Inner Star Oracle Deck Guidebook

The Universe is really nudging us into raising our vibrations a bit more, every single day. Especially with the energetic events of the past 6 months, maybe even more for some.

Our Earthly lives are always inspired and supported by Divine guidance. We’re being called to step into our own light as well as be light for others and have this state of consciousness be contagious. And yes, at the risk of sounding like a broken record (but it’s true!), we’re being supported in our personal struggle with letting go of things,  low vibration situations, thoughts, feelings and people. There is a huge transformation going on, on an individual level for each and every one of us and also, as a collective. We are expanding.

Have you recently meditated or worked on your Third Eye and Crown Chakra? This is a good time to do so. Work on your intuition, trust it. It’s our soul’s cosmic compass.

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