Push Forward – February 11th 2018

Setbacks or obstacles are something that can’t be avoided. It’s hard to face and handle them, but when you do this, they allow you to find new perspectives, ideas or paths you may not have found if not challenged.

Maybe today you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have to stand your ground. You know what’s important to you, and you have the right to make your own decisions and choose your path. This circumstance may involve other people or it could also be you standing your ground against yourself. A test of will power, perseverance and self control.

You have what it takes to power through. Don’t let yourself doubt that for a second. Don’t be too hard on yourself or others, try to be as understanding as you can, without giving into the blame game. There’s a fine line between self protection and becoming guarded.

Keep your eyes and heart open. Be careful and mindful in the actions you take, but you’ve got this!

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