Purify Your Love – April 9th 2018

It’s a new week, a new day, and with this comes a new energy and plenty of opportunity to renew.

Today’s energy is guiding you to open your eyes and your heart to the support you currently have. You may feel alone sometimes but the truth is, you always have a giant community supporting you. Whether it’s friends, family or higher spirits and the Universe. On some days it can be hard to see or feel for whatever reason, but in the end, when we clear out negative or low vibration thoughts, we can feel the love coming to us from everyone and everything.

Remember that life doesn’t just happen TO you but FOR you. Today is a good day to replace any feelings of anger, resentment, judgement or pride with those of love, empathy and compassion. Purify the vibration around those relationships.

Be grateful for the people and the support you have in your life. Let yourself feel love for them. Every hardship has something we can be grateful for. Express it. If there’s something that you haven’t said before but feel the need to, do it. Let that love flow without judgement.

Is there something you haven’t said to someone you love? A thank you? A heartfelt I love you? Something to forgive?

Moon Siren


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