Mercury Retrograde Guidance Reading

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Mercury Retrograde Guidance Reading


This reading includes:

  • An in depth look into what may come up during this Mercury Retrograde period for you as an individual.
  • 1 hour video of your reading (A private link will be sent to you)
  • A 10 page digital workbook in PDF (Printable) that will include additional advice, journal prompts and questions to support you after you’ve received the messages contained in the reading.
  • 5 Yes/No questions to be answered with a pendulum.

Please write down the questions you wish to ask the pendulum in the note section when checking out. The Workbook will be sent along with the video link.


My readings may resonate more if you’re looking for:

  • Personal process, healing & growth.
  • Practical and sincere, in depth guidance for any area of your life; relationship, family, career, financial, etc.
  • Identifying and recognizing patterns, traumas, wounds or blockages that need to be cleared/healed.
  • Overall personal improvement (Spiritual, emotional, physical, energetic)

I use both Tarot and Oracle cards for my readings.

I am always very honest about my readings not being predictive or doing them to “see the future”. the intentions behind my readings are always about growth, self-discovery, empowerment and guidance. These readings are not about me having answers for you, but rather, me helping you find the answers within yourself and your life, through tarot/oracle guidance & workbooks (when applicable).

My readings are a conduit for an energetic forecast, so you’ll know how to navigate these energies in your life, with purpose and confidence. Be aware that when doing inner or personal work, some uncomfort may arise and truths revealed. I always try my very best to deliver even the toughest of messages with love and kindness.

Understanding who we are, what we need, where we need to heal and how to step into our power is a very important step to take in for us to move towards the life we want to create for ourselves.


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