Power Surge – Jan 27th to Feb 2nd

A little energy update for the last week of January!

This month has felt like a year in its own. The energy from the beginning of the year quickly shifted into something comoletely different. There’s a lot more to come too! I’m so excited.

Many times we become observers of our opportunities, fear can most commonly hold us back. We overthink and question or doubt things. The energies that are coming in are not ones to let pass by.

There are massive energy waves that are bringing us closer to our dreams, pushing us forward, giving us strength and determination, direction and support. However, we have to use our own strength to become one with those energies so we can work with them.

Movement. Nothing comes out of stagnation, of being frozen in the same spot. Face your fears head on and move anyway. It’s a time to be assertive, to be fearless, to trust, to believe that you can do anything you put your mind to.

If you know what you want, don’t hesitate and take actions towards it! You are as powerful as the ocean, wild and changing. Embrace that change and use it to gain momentum.

The energies coming in a strong, but those same energies and strength are within you too! If you match yours with what’s coming, direction and purpose will follow.

It’s time to rise up with the incoming tide.




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