Plan Your Steps – August 22nd 2020

The Sun enters Virgo today and this is the perfect card to inspire us to connect more with this energy.

If there’s one thing this energy supports is being able to focus more on our to do lists, tasks, habits, routines overall organization. Taking it day by day, little by little, step by step is exactly the energy of today’s draw. Virgo knows that the goal is only as attainable and solid as the steps we take to get there.

Planning, organizing and rearranging is one of the things this energy is most known for, so let’s take advantage of this today and throughout this season.

What can you implement on a daily basis that will get you closer to achieving your goals and dreams? In what areas do you need a little structure and organization? What habits or routines would serve you best at this time to be and feel at your best? Plan it out! Write it down, put it on a board, whatever and however you are able to come up with will be of great benefit in the coming weeks.

Every journey starts with a single step… Don’t be afraid to take that step today.

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