Pisces New Moon – February 2020

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Another lunar cycle is about to begin! On February 23rd, the New Moon will be gracing us in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a sign associated with creativity, intuition, higher consciousness or collective consciousness and empathy. As a water sign, I don’t even probably have to mention that it’s also a sign associated with our emotions.

Astrologically, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. What I feel from this Pisces New Moon, the New Moon phase itself and adding the transits that will be present, is that we are closing the astrological year and gearing up to start a new one. All the energetic influences around us are supporting this moment of closure and surrender, but from a place of clarity, inspiration and intention. This is a great time to declutter, clear, release. I know I may sound like a broken record on this, but the clearing is a must so we may begin a new chapter in our lives where we put our best foot forward. So, this is a time were we get to retrace our steps and learn from what has worked, and what hasn’t. What’s working for us NOW and what isn’t.

Any New Moon is a time of going inward, of reflecting and sitting down with ourselves to really be able to listen to that inner guidance and with piscean energy in the mix… even more so. Not only does this energy let us connect in a more profound way to our intuition, but we can connect to higher levels of consciousness and higher dimensions to seek guidance or clarity. We can really, calmly surrender to that current and trust that it’s leading us straight to where we need to go.

Lucid dreams may also be at an all time high right now, Pisces is very much connected to the subconscious and the dream realms so, answers, ideas, messages or other information may be coming to a lot of us within our dreams. Stay open to whatever messages or symbols are coming through at this moment because they could have a higher meaning to them in your life.

I know not all of us can remember our dreams when we wake up, so here’s a little trick I try to do myself, that has worked (most of the time):

Just as you feel yourself starting to wake up, avoid moving, stay as you are and allow yourself to be more conscious of your surroundings but start to bring back any images, let yourself wake up WITHOUT opening your eyes, don’t move yet. When you feel you’re fully awake and present; start to bring back ALL images, sensations, emotions, sounds, anything that you remember from the dream. If you can replay it in your head more than once, do it. This practice allows the information to go from a subconscious dream state, to short term memory. Once you can recall as much as you can from the dream, open your eyes and replay it again, now fully conscious and wide awake. Next, you can write it down or record it, whatever is easier for you. Every little detail helps, so jot down as much as you can. Once it’s on paper or recorded, you can come back to it and consciously go through it to see what meaning or messages you can find in it.

Even though some transits are grounding us and encouraging us to act and feeding our drive, Pisces doesn’t really follow that “structured-set-in-stone” vibe. Its energy is by far anything but linear, so being logical about something might not be the best way to navigate these waters, especially given that the Mercury Retrograde transit is also in Pisces. These waters are best navigated heart in hand and intuition leading the way.

Another theme I feel very strongly regarding this lunar transit is that Pisces energy can also be vulnerable to blaming or playing the victim. So, the lesson I see in this is how we can take this time for some self-reflection and really be honest with ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for our actions, emotions, decisions, thoughts, etc. Are we blaming something or someone on the outside for something that’s really coming from within us? Is something that happens to us always someone else’s fault/responsibility? How much of our power are we giving away? Are we giving TOO MUCH of ourselves away and need new boundaries to stay emotionally healthy? When we connect and nurture our own power, and not external circumstances, this allows us to really feel empowered and secure, it helps us find balance and harmony within. We are no longer a victim of circumstance but a creator of realities.

I’m a big fan of reprogramming. I know, sometimes we have beliefs, patterns or habits that we absorbed or learned from someone or something along the way in our life. But, (don’t shoot the messenger) we are STILL responsible for it. Why? because we can choose to change it. No matter how hard or impossible changing something might feel to you, with dedication and intention, anything can be reprogrammed. This is a great moment to do just that, and if you’re curious about it, I would strongly suggest researching Joe Dispenza or Bruce Lipton’s work. And if you’re feeling that thirst for deeper topics, I suggest you look into Quantum Healing.

Connect with what truly inspired you, what makes you feel connected, not only to yourself but to others and especially what connects you to the Universe, Source, whatever you wish to call it. How can your spiritual practice and energy work help you level yourself in your day to day life?

Now, for the maybe-not-so-fun part… this reflective energy of any New Moon combined with piscean energy can have us swimming in deep waters. And when I say deep, I mean the places we didn’t really want to go in because we knew something that scares us is lurking still. These energies will have us coming face to face with our lurky selves. Unresolved issues, open wounds, past trauma and blocked emotions can come up to the surface but, what I feel magical about this part is that we can CHOOSE how to react to this (Mercury Retrograde reminder here again). We can let it tear us down and send us in a spiraling into delusion or confusion or we can choose to transform it into something else.

This is a deeply transformative time in which a lot of focus will be on our emotions. Where did this emotion come from? In what circumstance in the past have I felt like this before? What have I avoided feeling? Where am I not being real and honest with myself? Where have I felt uninspired and stuck? Time to face up to those answers and be real with ourselves. For our own good. Self-sabotaging or hurtful behaviors will be the pink elephant in the room now and we just can’t hide it under the rug anymore. Doing this personal work may lead to a lot of forgiveness, whether it’s forgiving others or forgiving yourself.

As with all New Moons, this one starts a 6 month cycle that culminates on the Pisces Full moon in September. So, don’t be afraid to dream up wonderful, magical and beautiful things for your life! Really envision what you want your life to be, what you want to be feeling on a day to day basis, what you want to create.

Last but not at all least; Stay hydrated, connect with water if you can, whether it be a swimming pool, the ocean, a lake, a river or even just a hot bath! Allow yourself to connect with the water element and channel its qualities.

Here is the card spread for this lunar transit, and remember you can use any deck that holds messages that resonate with you for this spread.

Card Spread pisces new moon

Dream away in this vast Pisces ocean and surrender to its ebb and flow!

Much love,



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