Pisces Full Moon – September 2020

Lady Luna finds herself in full light in the sign of mystical, intuitive watery Pisces on September 1st/2nd (depending on your location) and brings amplified energies to us all. The 6 month cycle that began with the Pisces New Moon – February 2020 is coming to a close. Full moons signal culmination, completion as well as shine light on every dark corner of ourselves. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and may have us looking back at the path that lies behind us, a journey that has been completed. I have a strong feeling that endings in different areas may be a theme for a lot of people. Completion is upon us.

Now, there seems to be a tug ‘o war between all the planetary aspects going on around this time but I won’t go into detail into each one, but give an overall view on how they may influence. If you want to check out specific meanings to the transits you can check here. For this very reason, I’ve had a hard time in finding ways to describe this moon’s influence, because she’s not the only player in this game and many other influences can be contrasting by nature.

Piscean energy always boosts intuition, dreams, creativity and our emotional waters (it’s a water sign after all). Aside from this, it’s a very sensitive, compassionate and feminine energy. It influences our openness, our receptivity and our connection with the deeper, more ethereal or spiritual realms too. Always when the moon is in this sign, I tend to suggest to pay attention to dreams and gut feelings we may be having.

Speaking of the moon’s energy while in Pisces alone, we’re talking about an energy that softens us, that allows us to flow with more ease, to connect in deeper ways with Spirit and our own inner compass via our intuition. On the flip side (there’s always a shadow side to everything), Pisces can also be dellusional, scattered, led by fantasy and easily overwhelmed or overemotional, which is why we really have to be aware of ourselves and try to stay as balanced as we can. Fortunately, the Sun in Virgo helps us out with its grounding and practical nature.

There’s a feeling of not wanting to be limited, restricted or constrained at the moment and old sctructures may be crumbling to give way to new foundations. With this, we can sense an air of freedom, innovation and inspiration but we may not be immediately able to act upon such findings. This is where that Piscean will to flow can come quite in handy. We’re slowly adapting to the changes that these last months of 2020 are bringing to us all as individuals and as a collective.

Revelations are at hand, ranging from where we feel restricted and confined, how we react to it, what we envision when we feel free, how we deal with our emotions, how we connect to others and to our homes, how we choose to reinvent and innovate in our life, how we listen to cosmic and divine guidance, how we handle our control and trust, how we balance the individual with the collective. I know, it sounds like a whole lot to feel and think about, but it all won’t come crashing down on us all at once, we may be feeling different things in different times which is why I must say again: awareness is key.

Tying up loose ends, tweaking details on our plans and navigating through intense emotions may also be a theme with this transit. Revisit if there’s anything that needs to shift in your life and envision what your life could look like after the shift is complete, use Virgo energy to help you iron out the details. What is being awakened in your life at this moment? is it something that has been building up until now?

Our personal relationships might be focused on a bit during this and with the influence of Mars in its current position, be very aware of your interactions with others. Defensiveness is possible. Remember to stay conscious on how you feel as well as how others might feel because of your actions. Avoid impulsive reactions as people may be more sensitive than usual, and maybe so will you. Try not to take things in an extremely personal way, just know that we’re all going through our own processes and doing the best we can.

A new version of ourselves is being birthed into life in these Piscean waters and yes, we might be asked to leave some things behind, break patterns or structures, this will be very evident to us, if we choose not to deliberately look away to deflect. Clarity through intuition can be attained. Finding steady ground within confusing moments as well.

This may be one of those moments where everything must come apart for it to be put together in a different way. It might be scary and overwhelming at times, but if we flow and allow change to unfold, we may just find some surprises along the way. I feel balance will be strongly needed; between the mystical and rational, the need for freedom vs restrictions, the individual search and the collective, our home and family vs our own self, etc. A lot is going on now, but… we’ve been trained for this without even knowing it. our soul’s path is being shown to us. Will we listen?

We are understanding that we are more than our thoughts, emotions or bodies. Our being is expansive and limitless. Even though we feel, think or act in a certain way, it does not define us because we’re so much more. We are shapeshifters, potential and spirit all rolled into one. We are so much more than the limitations that we think we have, and that’s a freeing thought.

As with every Full Moon and especially when visiting Pisces, it’s good to stay hydrated, stay aware and listen to your inner voice to guide you in your path. Protect your energy to avoid becoming a sponge for other people’s energies, thoughts or projections.

Have a blessed rebirth!



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