Pisces Full Moon – September 2017

Pisces Full Moon

The Pisces Full Moon is almost here. Can you feel the energy around?

With Mercury going direct today, we begin to move forward from the events and energies of the past few weeks. Allow this Mercury energy to shift slowly and know that we still have the Shadow Period until September 19th. After this, all the messages from this Retrograde and Full Moon will come in loud and clear. Don’t rush things, allow the pieces to fall into place.

This September Full Moon can also be known as The Corn Moon. Often, the September Moon is also called The Harvest Moon but this happens when the Full Moon falls nearest the equinox. This year’s Harvest Moon will be in October.

As I mentioned in the September Forecast, Eclipses mark a 6 month cycle. This means that a 6-month cycle started with the Solar Eclipse on August 21st and will be bringing change and new beginnings until February 2018. This Corn Moon brings the first of several “harvest” points. Think of them as checkpoints you will have in the next 6 months, to set/review intentions and continue to remove what blocks your path, heart, spirit and mind. Allowing us to get closer to our goals. This Corn Moon falls in Pisces, with some effects of other transits, like the Neptune Retrograde, it will most likely be an emotional time.

Pisces rules the 12th house as well as Neptune. This house dominates all that is hidden (secrets, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, the unconscious). It harbors both positive and negative traits that our unconscious self is bringing to light and is affecting us. Neptune is the planet of inspiration, it is highly sensitive, ruler of the sea and water and teaches us compassion. Its energy might have us wanting to stay in this dream-like energy and forget the real world, this is where it gets tricky.

This Corn Moon will be highly affected by these sensitive energies, since the Moon in conjunction with Neptune can heighten our sensitive side, not only within ourselves, but we are even vulnerable to feeling energies from places, other people, foreign situations, etc. Be careful of your energy, make sure you’re not open to energetic vampires and/or situations that might drain you as this might even end up affecting you physically as sickness or illness.

At some point, we may even begin to feel confused and want to retreat to where it’s comfortable and we know is safe. The Neptune/Pisces energy will make us feel like we’re walking through mist and we can’t see, remember, the unconscious yields more power than we’re even aware of sometimes. Being focused and sharp will allow the fog to gently dissipate so we can see what’s around us with clarity. The veil between the spirit and living world may also be very thin at this point, so don’t be surprised if your dreams, intuition or even visions become stronger and clearer. Synchronicities can be very strong now as well, so listen carefully.

To try and avoid any possible confrontations, squabbles, insecurities or arguments, let compassion rule. This goes towards other people as much as yourself. Don’t be so hard on yourself and others, keep in mind that everyone has their own struggles and challenges. Everyone reacts in different way to situations and it’s not our place to judge. Let understanding and compassion rule. Love and kindness are not a sign of weakness, don’t let yourself believe otherwise.

The Sun in Virgo is in opposition to the Moon in Pisces. Virgo’s hardworking and practical energy will help to bring some balance to that Pisces/Neptune dreamy influence. Being aware of this possible polarity will be detrimental to your life now. If you overcompensate with too much organization and control during this period, it may backfire and leave you feeling drained and frustrated. The same goes for tipping the scale the other way and staying in fantasy land, eventually the fog will dissipate and you’ll find yourself even more confused than you were. Take care of your spirit and your body. Balance is KEY in this.

Throughout this period, don’t stop believing in your dreams, no matter how confused you may feel at some point, don’t jeopardize your long-term success. Know that you are on your way. These events illuminate what needs to be in light so that we may heal, move on and find closure. Closure and completion are also part of the 12th houses’ ruling as well as Karma.

Emotions can run high now, so check yourself before you wreck yourself! (or your future goals). Be mindful of your reactions as well as the reactions you get from other people. Use this energy to renew and recharge you. An awakening is coming, this is just paving the way for it in your life. Let creativity flow and trust your intuition, as what you see, may not be what is truly there, let your higher self-guide you through.

The energy is strongest 24 hours before and after the Full Moon is at 100%. This gives you 3 full days to work with and around this energy.

Here are some ritual/ceremony ideas for this Pisces Corn Moon:

🌟  Cleanse and prepare your Sacred Space (If you’d like to know how, go here).
🌟  Energy Bath –  Sit in silence for a few minutes and quiet your mind. Ask your Spirit Guides or Angels to assist you. Think about what holds you back, what blocks or prevents you from fully reaching your goals, listen and keep it in mind. You can hold a sacred object/tarot deck/crystal in your hands to aid in this connection.

To do this, you can go outside for a moment and sit (or lay) comfortably under the moonlight for this, or take an actual bath to incorporate the water element. Water is a great conduit for energy. You can add some frankincense essential oil or any oil or herb you feel resonates with you now. Crystals can also be added this bath. I would recommend Amethyst or Clear Quartz, just make sure the crystals you choose, will not be damaged by direct contact with water or oils.
🌟  Journal – Take a few moments to think about what you may have discovered in your quiet time and just write. Write down what came up during that short pause, how it makes you feel, what you can do to change it, what you’d like to let go of. Once you have it as clear as day, on to the next step.
🌟  Burn it up – Write down what you’d like to let go and release on a piece of paper and fold it in half. Light a candle or a match (always have a glass of water next to you in case of fire emergencies) and burn the paper. As the paper burns, say this aloud:

“I release these things that no longer serve me. I release them so that I may heal. I release them in order to bring new energies into my life. I release in gratitude and love. And so it is.”

🌟   Moon Shower – Fill a clean pitcher or container (with lid) with water and leave it out under the moonlight. You can go ahead and drink it or cleanse yourself with it the next day.
🌟   Treat Yourself – Do something for yourself to make you feel good. Get a massage, a nice meal, some alone time reading a good book, go for a little dance or even better, treat yourself to some beach times and saltwater fun. Whatever makes you feel good, do it.
🌟   Charge your crystals – Place your crystals outside or near a window for their moon bath recharging. Allow them to soak in the moon vibes.
🌟   Drink lots of water – Remember we talked about taking care of the body? well, water is good. Hydrate.
🌟   Declutter – Just as we release things we cannot see, feelings or situations, our homes tend to accumulate too. This is a perfect time to give away those things we no longer use. I’m personally not a fan of throwing away, but giving away and helping others makes me happier.
🌟   Ask for higher guidance – Just before you drift off to sleep, ask your Angels, Spirit Guides or Higher self to communicate and share messages with you in your dreams. The morning after you do this, when you feel like you’re starting to wake up, don’t move, keep your eyes closed and try to remember your dream. Try to consciously stay in that place where you’re half awake and half asleep. This is where we remember most of our dreams.
🌟   Let Intuition flow – If you have Tarot or Oracle decks, take them out and see what messages they bring for you. Pay close attention to what you see.

Here are some spreads that could be useful to you, and some of my personal favorites:

Spirit de la Lune’s Corn Moon Spread

Corn Moon Spread - Spirit de la Lune

GypsyArts’ Ebb  and Flow of Dreams Spread

Pisces Full Moon Tarot Spread

Ethony’s Pisces Full Moon Spread


Happy Full Moon!





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