Pisces Full Moon – August 2018

Just a few hours ago, the moon entered Pisces!

I’m sure some of you were waiting for this special Sturgeon Moon, and the why wouldn’t be so surprising to me.

Having gone through eclipse season, portal openings, Leo season, Mercury Retrograde and so many transits pushing us out of our own sockets and so far out of our comfort zones, this Full Moon in Pisces comes as a nice breath of fresh air or a splash of fresh water (it’s a water sign after all!).

July and August came with some overcharged energies and circumstances, so it could have felt a little overwhelming, too intense or just plain may have knocked you on your ass. Not all growth looks like unicorns and rainbows though, this may have completely broken you down, torn down many things, removed people or circumstances that were not benefitting you anymore and that can be quite painful. It may never be easy, and this season sure wasn’t, but it was most definitely meant to bring growth and development. It was meant for you to get out of that comfort zone so you could once again recognize your own essence, and live your life aligned with YOUR truth.

All of these transits brought you closer to your authentic self, to your highest self and now, you begin to make that transformation tangible with the help of the Sun in Virgo. From shadow to light, A new dawn is here. Moving forward.

If there’s one thing that resonates with me so much on a personal level, it’s this moon’s element: Water. This holds such a strong key for me; water is ever flowing, whenever it finds resistance, it always finds a way around or through whatever is blocking its natural flow. Even one single constant drop can reshape stone.

Water is a powerful element and it holds many lessons to learn from. Water is linked to emotions and higher consciousness, a conduit for energy, a link between life and death. It connects all of life; and life cannot exist without it. The human body on average is made up of 60% water… that’s a lot of influence and presence in us! Water is in every single living organism in this planet, and it’s also said that water does have memory. Can you imagine what it would be like to truly connect with every living being through waters’ memory?

Observe this element, how it moves, how it reacts, how it feels, how it looks. Find the hidden answers this element holds and see how you can apply it into your every day life. Allow yourself to flow.

Pisces is a water element, deep, intuitive, divine waters. Neptune; ruler of Pisces and God of the Sea, is also associated with intuition and spiritual enlightenment. The Moon, rules over bodies of water and our emotional body. Combine these and you have this beautiful, refreshing and renewing energy flowing through us. Not only that, but a Full Moon completely illuminates what’s been hiding in the shadows, so this combination of Pisces energy with the Full Moon is mighty powerful to dive DEEP within yourself and higher levels of consciousness. Connecting with the occult will be almost effortless at this time.

The least resistance you have to the changes that are occurring in your life, the more effortlessly you will navigate through these mystical waters. Pisces is a mutable sign, meaning it’s the 12th and final sign of the zodiac. It represents unity, the culmination of a cycle. This means it’s a good time to release the old, let go and embrace this new chapter with unconditional love and gratitude and as little baggage as you can. Travel light to feel light!

With so many planets in retrograde, we all might have been feeling stuck or stagnant in different areas of our lives, but this moment marks a starting point. What these retrogrades gifted us with was reevaluation and reflection, so we could polish what we needed to, before they go direct again and we feel their full force, pushing us and moving us forward. The energy will start to shift slowly, opening up new possibilities and opportunities. Empowerment, motivation and inspired action are on the horizon.

Old triggers or patterns, karmic relationships and old wounds might surface. Let them. It’s a time for healing and transmutation of the old, to make room for the new. You can ask for divine assistance too! An army of light is always there for you, supporting, aiding and guiding you. The current cosmic alignment is asking and supporting you to make your life dream tangible, to be deliberate, mindful and honest about what you’d like to manifest in your life. You’re being asked to bring that dream out into the physical world to live it, to live in alignment with your soul purpose.

You are being urged to not only listen to your soul’s desires and purpose, but to align your every day life with them through inspired action. You’re being asked to not just let them be dreams, but to start living them. For a moment, pretend that you could change things in an instant, there are no limitations, no rules, no blocks. Now, what would your life look like? A life that makes you sublimely happy, fulfilled and grateful? Whatever comes to your mind is probably a lot closer to what your soul is asking for, but sometimes we *think* it’s not possible because X, Y or Z. Believe it is possible and you will open the doors for the opportunities that lead you to it.

It’s time to reconnect to the divine within you, to the Source, to your higher self. It’s time to dive deep into your unconscious and clear out what no longer needs to be. It’s time to plunge into your divine consciousness and let yourself expand in it. We are all divine, powerful beings, and this Pisces Full Moon is a beautiful reminder. The spirit world not only communicates with us, but lives within us. The energy surrounding this Full Moon helps you to really *feel* your way through, sail the cosmic waters, dive deep into yourself to reconnect. We are all masters, teachers, lightworkers and healers, we are all just being asked to see and feel it.

A few things to be mindful of during this period is to let yourself dream but not get lost in a dream-like state that will take you away from reality or avoid dealing with it. The sun in Virgo does help to bring a bit of balance into the picture with this. Still, let yourself flow, daydream, fantasize and all, just remember to center yourself and face the things the Universe wants you to face. Because emotions may be intense or heightened, avoid falling into a martyr state as well, avoid self punishment, blame or guilt. Because some people might be feeling a bit more vulnerable to other people’s energies and feelings, don’t be afraid to set some boundaries whenever you feel it’s needed. Treasure and conserve your energy, don’t allow other circumstances or people to drain you.

Be very aware of what messages and synchronicities find you at this time, whether in dreams or in a conscious state and stay hydrated, drink lot of water! You can charge crystal water or plain water under the moonlight and drink it during the day.

Traditionally, I like to use Full Moon energy to release, let go and close circles. However, because of the energies that are available with this Sturgeon Moon, I feel it’s also quite a powerful time to invite blessings into your life, manifest and look to the future. If you have never made a Vision Board, this would be a wonderful time to create one and connect with those emotions and circumstances you’d like to bring in. If you don’t know how to make one, you can click here and see!


For Tarot/oracle card spreads, here are some of my favorites:

pisces full moon moon and cactus
Moon and Cactus


pisces full moon spreadGypsyArts


pisces full moonLindsey
Love and Light Medium

For rituals, I love love loved this Pisces Full Moon Bathing Ritual from foreverconscious.com

An Altar to the Departed Ritual from Astrostyle.com

And of course some Magick Rituals from Angelarium.com


Some crystals you can use to meditate with or include in your ritual for this Pisces Full Moon are: Larimar, Lapislazuli, Blue-lace Agate, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Fluorite, Halite, Opal, Fire Opal, Clear Quartz, Staurolite and Turquoise.


Have a wonderful and insightful Sturgeon Moon!


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