Personal Value – September 5th 2018

How many times have you felt undeserving of a healthy relationships, job, gift, or anything really? Have you noticed that when someone usually compliments us, we feel the need to say something that puts us down a bit?

Maybe someone says: “Oh you look great!” and for some reason we give them a reason why we don’t… “oh no, I may even have gained a little weight”. Or something a Long those lines.

Perhaps it’s not with words, but a gift of some sort. We are gifted with something and a very common phrase is “oh you shouldnt have”. But why do we do this? Why do we feel unworthy?

Today’s message asks you to remember that you ARE worthy. You are worth it. You deserve happiness, harmony, opportunities and above all, you deserve LOVE. Don’t dim your light, keep it lit and bright.

Acknowledge the wonderful being that you are, as well as all of the blessings you deserve. Not with a sense of entitlement fed by ego, but from a place of love and humility.

You are worthy of a healthy relationship, a healthy work environment, a loving home, a successful career, you are worthy of your heart’s desires.

Do something today for yourself that allows you to feel your worth. Embrace it!

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