Par-Tea Time – September 21st 2020

#selfcare message of the week is in and I personally love this practice.

This week we’re being guided to warm ourselves up and connect with the many many benefits of plants and flowers in teas. It’s amazing how they have the ability yo help us relax, focus, be more energized, regula te digestion among many other benefits.

And, also, there’s something so comforting in sitting down, taking a break and just enjoying one cup of tea. Alone time, nurturing and just warming us up.

I wanted to share my favorite combinations and purposes of some of my favorite herbs/flowers/teas.

Go with what resonates for you and if you’re not quite the tea fan, you can choose golden milk or any other warm, comforting drinka that works for you!

For energizing and a little perk up: Peppermint, lemongrass or ginger.

For relaxing and de-stressing: Lavender, chamomile or valerian.

Othrr of my faves include hibiscus and green tea.

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