Out With The Old – October 20th 2017

20. The Egyptian Tarot - Death Card

Have you noticed just how much each daily energy so far has had a connection to transformation?

I feel as though this particular transformation that keeps appearing in different decks, is a necessary one in each of our lives. Of course this will most likely mean different things to different people. Some may feel this transformation or loss in an intangible way, emotional, spiritual or internal. For others, it might very well be a tangible one, losing jobs, opportunities, partners, money. How each of us will feel this, is unknown. But there is a definite change in our midst.

Given that sometimes what you need in life is not always what you want, desire or even are comfortable with, these dramatic endings and changes come so that you’re almost pushed onwards, pushed to grow and expand. Pushed sometimes so far out of your comfort zone that you are barely left a choice but to grow and make the best of it.

Now, the best way to navigate through this changing energy is to embrace it. I know it’s much easier said than done but, change sometimes happens whether you like it or not. When you resist and fight necessary changes, you become frustrated, depressed, lose hope, feel like things prevent you from being happy, or that nothing ever works out in your favor.

When you embrace change and envision all of the wonderful opportunities that it could bring into your life, not only does it change your prespective and feelings towards this change, but it opens a portal and allows you to invite, manifest and take action towards all of those things that make your heart sing.

With this transformation, you are being asked to check your baggage. It no longer has a purpose in your life, all of those things that weigh you down, are not coming with you to this new and wonderful place. Now is the time to heal, release, let go and purge whatever you already KNOW that’s not working for your best and highest good. Don’t be fearful of this transition, it’s filled with hope and light. You are moving into bigger and better things.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.

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