Open To Opportunity – June 1st to 7th

And here we are, starting the first week of the second half of the month, and what a whirlwind it has been for the past 6 months.

Having said that, we still are being met with great opportunity. Of course all of my readings are done intuitively and there is A LOT going on this month, astrologically. So I’ll be sharing some things as they come but I would still suggest to look at experienced and very wise astrologers for what they have to say about this month.

So, this week, is one of possibility. The past couple of weeks (and months for some) may have made you realign in some way, maybe your perspective changed in an area or several in your life. Your values and priorities may have shifted and now is the time to really use those bits of clarity and information to get things going.

The Page of Pentacles brings us a message of going after what we truly want in this world. It’s using the clarity that we have been given, to propel us forward and build a solid foundation based on that. Yes, this does mean some things might need to be left behind, but this is the time to really identify opportunity and seize it. Yes, work will need to be put in, but you’ve got this, you are prepared, you are strong and your inner compass has always been leading the way.

This week carries a really strong energy that supports us all in making the right decisions to get us on the right track. Staying centered and grounded is a good way to go about it, allowing our highest self to lead the way and trusting that what you are creating right now is what’s meant to happen. Create a plan, make a vision board, think up some strategies, you don’t have to necessarily put them into action right away, just think about HOW you could build a solid foundation for your dreams. This may not be the birth, but it is very well a gestation period, so be very aware of what you’re feeding what you are currently holding in your creative space. Know that everything has cycles and rhythms and we become even more in sync with ourselves as we ebb and flow with them and not against them.

This energy goes hand in hand with The Empress energy that came up for this week in the June Reading, it’s no surprise to me why they are in this perfect dance together.

Hope you have a wonderful week!



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