Open Heart – March 30th

I think we’ve all needed this reminder at some point in our lives, right?

We tend to want to do things on our own; prove our strength, our willingness, or abilities and that’s not an inherently bad thing. However, when we constantly feel the need to rely solely on ourselves and not others, we can become somewhat resistant to letting other people in; whether it’s to help us with a task, to comfort or love us, or to even pamper us.

This is especially true for all those other “fixers” like me out there. These are people who live, on a daily basis, with a calling or need to help others and make them feel better, happier, safer, etc. When we become so absorbed in thinking about others, we start to forget that we need care, love and support too. 

There is absolutely no weakness in opening ourselves up to receiving without guilt. You are deserving, you are lovable, and you should feel taken care of too. 

Take notice today when someone offers you words of kindness or encouragement… is your first reaction to dismiss or deflect? do you feel the immediate need to say something nice back because they said it to you? This can tell you a lot about what you allow yourself to receive. 

If there’s someone offering to help you with something and you could really use that help, let them. Allow yourself to receive and to have your load lightened. You don’t always have to carry so much that you come close to burning out. 

If you’ve been feeling isolated and have felt the need for human connection but have some resistance in opening up to people emotionally, try talking to just one person, and allow yourself to be supported and heard. 

There is time for us all to be seen, heard, acknowledged, loved, and supported. If you take a moment to allow others to give to you, the world won’t implode, but your world might feel a little more warm and fuzzy.

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