Onward – April 20th

One of the many things I like about doing daily, weekly, and monthly readings is that it allows me to see how stories unfold. Monthly readings give me an overall theme or pattern, weekly ones feel like direction, and dailies feel like the steps taken.

While the readings I post are meant as a collective energy reading, they seem to have a subtle progression; like its own story unfolding before our eyes. I find immense beauty in that. 

That being said, today’s energy is about transition. The presence of the firefly invites you to give in to the winds of change and allow them to take you where you need to be. It’s a time during which you might find resolution to difficulties you’ve recently gone through, during which adjustments can be made if you’re open to it. It’s a time to shift perspectives and mindsets and look ahead to a new dawn, a new way of doing things. Changes are afoot, but giving into them might be what’s best today. Try not to dwell on what’s past, instead, think of what’s ahead and what that looks like. Slowly let go of baggage that weighs you down.

Going through a storm is never comfortable, but when the storm is gone and the dust settles, we can gain a lot of insight not only about ourselves but about the difficulties we faced during. Take those lessons with you while you slowly make your way to your desired destination. 

You may not get to where you want to go today, but you can sure as hell move closer to it. Take things slowly, allow yourself to process what happened in the past, but keep moving forward. Allow yourself to reshape and morph along the way. You’re doing well.

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