October 2018 – Monthly Reading

October is here!

This is one of my personal favorite months, not just because of the surrounding energies but the colors, the season (even though where I live, the weather kind of stays the same), the start of the end of the year holidays. It’s all quite magical and mystical.

I drew a few cards to see what the energy surrounding this month will be and I hope it resonates with you. Each card represents one week, this will give you an overall feel for the month.

Week from October 1st-7th
The Hermit / Reversed


The month starts with a need to go inward. You might not be feeling extremely social or outgoing, but may be craving to be under the radar. It’s ok to want to be by yourself and reclaim your own space to gain clarity on what’s going on inside your own world, within your own depths. Listening to your own inner voice is a powerful practice that will allow you to navigate in the best way for the rest of the month. Clarity will be needed. Don’t be afraid to go deep within yourself. Answers may come in silence, after all… we’re only able to listen clearly when we remove the incessant outside noise and quiet our mind. There’s been a lot to process in your life, and it may feel overwhelming, letting those energies and lessons settle within yourself is key for your next steps.

However, be very cautious of focusing so much on yourself that you completely end up  isolating yourself or giving too much power to thoughts and emotions that lead to loneliness or confusion. Take it one step at a time. You can be the quiet observer, without losing your connection to others and the world around you. Find the balance.

KEYWORDS: Reflection, silence, introspection.

Week from October 8th-14th
Ace of Earth


We start this week off with wonderful New Moon energy. You may be feeling quite confident, strong and having a clear vision of what you want this cycle to bring into your life. I sense a feeling much like standing on a very high cliff and watching the horizon below. A bigger picture, an ample view of where you stand and where you want to go. Intentions are pulsating within you, and this time you already have in mind the necessary steps to turn those intentions into tangible manifestations. You’re not interested in building castles in the sky, or setting intentions on flaky foundations. You are ready to do the work you need to do to build a solid and strong foundation for your life. You know what works for you and what doesn’t. This is the perfect week to set those plans and actions in motion. This will result in a radiant and motivating frequency that will power up those intentions. Rejoice, be grateful for the endless opportunities you have and feel excited for those to come!

KEYWORDS: Grounding, inspiration, abundance, security.

Week from October 15th-21st
Three of Water / Reversed


Follow your gut this week! Listen to what you’re intuition is telling you about the people who you surround yourself with, energy doesn’t lie. Be aware of who you trust, things may not be as they appear. You may be working with others or meeting new people this week, and something might feel off about someone. If this happens, it doesn’t mean you have to run the other way or be rude to that person (or people) just keep a safe distance and be polite. Remember, you only have control over how you react to external influences. Avoid letting other people’s attitude towards you or their opinions of you get you down, if you find out someone has been gossiping about you, center yourself and know that you are not what they make you, and if they have issues with you, it’s just that: their issues. Don’t feed them your energy, instead, give yourself that energy to revitalize and get through it in the best and most harmonious manner.

KEYWORDS: Discernment, gut instinct, delays, awareness.

Week from October 22nd-28th


While this week might bring some obstacles and some unforseen circumstances that might shake you down (but not break you down!), remain steady, hold your ground and stay centered. Avoid letting external forces or people push you to a breaking point and vice versa. Keep the balance as much as you can this week, within and around you. Use your discernment to know when and how to confront difficult circumstances in a way that won’t hinder any plans later on.

Trust in yourself, you’ll be able to navigate any unsettling waters just fine. You could also be the person that’s called in to bring harmony or find the middle ground in a circumstance or quarrel between others. As long as you avoid falling into the extremes, you’ll sail through.

KEYWORDS: Patience, harmony, balance.

If you want more details as to what the month is bringing for you in particular, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with me. If you wish to do so, send me an email to themanifestingmoon@gmail.com, Online booking coming soon.


Have a fun and vibrant month!


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