October 2018 – Astro Forecast

Hello again moon children!

I am so excited to bring you my interpretation on this month’s energies and transits. As you all know, I am not an astrologer, but I do like to include astrology in what I share, as a means to learn myself and help others (like myself) understand it better. I am rather the eternal student, learning about the stars and their impact. So, if you have additional details or info that’s crucial for this month, let me know! I’d love to know more. Because of the fact I’m not a seasoned or certified astrologer, I’ll include some references and external links at the end of the article (for those of you that want a more in-depth or specific overview of transits!).

The past couple of months have been a handful, a lot going on, sometimes all at once. Between eclipses, portals opening, challenging transits and emotions surfacing; a lot of change, breakdowns, breakthroughs, purging and accelerated events took place. This month might not feel as intense as the past ones but it won’t be a snooze fest either.

Pluto (in a 5 month retrograde since April) in Capricorn went direct as this month started. During this period, we were influenced to look into what we needed to clear, let go of, release or heal in order to prepare for what needs to come into our lives. We were asked to confront what lies in the shadow, to be honest and truthful with ourselves and use that to gain clarity. Facing our own truths and dealing with them, not just putting them back on a shelf and pretending they’re not there. It tapped us on our shoulder and asked: “where are you placing your power and where would you rather place it in?” This transit helped each and every one of us to be honest with ourselves and others about what our deepest heart’s desires are, not to mention A LOT of purging, letting go and making peace with the process. Remember though, that the effects of this transit and its retrograde have to do with long-term results rather than instant gratification.

The Third Quarter is in Cancer on October 2nd. When the moon is in this sign, it’s not unusual to feel a bit more emotional. In this time, expressing and nurturing ourselves in a healthy way can prevent moodiness, harsh reactions or overblown emotional outbursts. It’s not uncommon to even feel nostalgia for something or someone from the past, experiencing very high high’s and very low low’s. Try to stay present and centered to avoid these extremes. It’s an ideal time to pamper and spoil yourself some. The Third Quarter Moon brings energy of reflection and introspection, feeling through our emotions to identify what stays and what goes, what lessons we can learn from the past and how we can implement them now.

On October 5th, Venus; the ruler of beauty, love, relationships and money will retrograde in mysterious and intense Scorpio until October 31st. Then it continues its retrograde in harmonious and dreamy Libra until it goes direct mid-November. This transit will be most certainly felt by all, whether on a conscious or unconscious level, we’re all being kneaded and shaped here. Whenever any planet goes retrograde, it prompts an inward search and pushes us to reevaluate, recharge, rethink, review, etc.

This transit will have two different energies because of the fact that it begins in Scorpio and ends in Libra. The first part of this retrograde can be quite steamy and heated, and not always in a good way. All of that sexual energy can turn volatile and aggressive if not channeled harmoniously. Relationship dynamics can be quite tricky. It’s kind of a hit or miss energy; that which is on solid ground before the retrograde starts has a chance of being solidified. However, if things are already on unstable ground, this might be the unravelling thread that’s pulled in order to make way for something better.

The Libra New Moon falls on October 8th (or 9th depending on your location). New Moons are always fertile soil, depending on other alignments, they can mean fresh starts. In this particular case, the Libra New Moon along with other alignments, give way to the perfect mix for re-start. Re-building something already existent, under a new perspective. Existing relationship will undergo thorough examination; we’ll be assessing what we give value to, what love means to us, how we view and express that love.

With the Sun and Moon in Libra, relationships are definitely at the forefront. Since Venus rules over Libra, we have to remember as well that the Retrograde will play a big part on this moment. Not only will our current relationships (romantic or otherwise) be the focus, but as far back as karmic or ancestral relationships and their influence on our life.

On October 10th (10/10 Stargate) an energetic opening or portal for karmic release will be available. Numerology holds much wisdom and meaning, and the number 10 is a karmic number. In this life, we can still be dealing with karmic debts from past lives, so we can take this opportunity to clear it out, start from scratch and set our own intentions from a clean slate, debt free.

The First Quarter Moon cozies up in Capricorn on October 16th, and this is a match made in heaven as far as compatible energies go. This phase pushes us to move towards our goals, dreams and intentions and with organized (almost perfectionist) Capricorn giving us that extra oomph of determination and attention to detail, we can take inspired action even in the face of obstacles or unexpected events. It’s the perfect time for smart to-do lists, strategizing and planning. Ideas or dreams won’t manifest into something tangible unless you take the necessary steps to put them into gear and watch them go! The Cappie influence will come with a cautious, level-headed energy. Take the wheel and drive!

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rd, and so… Scorpio season begins. A season of a little uncomfort that leads to great transformations of the self and polishes inner strength.

This month’s Full Moon will be in Taurus, on October 24th. This Hunter Moon feels like it’s already intertwined with the rest of the transits and energies. As I’ve said before, Full/New Moons are not a singular event, but a part of something even greater. Think of a spiderweb; one single thread does not make the whole web, rather an interlacing and weaving of several single threads make the whole.

With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus (both Fixed signs), resistance to change is almost a given. However, something’s gotta give with Uranus making its presence felt. Unexpected curve balls can be turned into opportunities, challenges turned into stepping-stones and problems into solutions. This Hunter Moon also relates to the Venus retrograde and Libra New Moon theme; money and relationships are on focus.

Overall, October is a month to focus on relationships; their meaning and value in our lives as well as being cautious with financial decisions or investments. It’s a wonderful month to honor our women ancestors, clear ancestral or karmic debts, adding a new layer to our foundation with new and fresh perspectives and loving ourselves enough as to make the best decisions for ourselves. If I had to put this month into a few words, I’d say this month’s theme is Transformation of the Heart.


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The Moon completes its orbit around the Earth in 28 days, while it passes through each of the Zodiac signs for 2 to 2 and a half days. The astrological sign that the Moon is in on any given day influences the emotional undercurrent or energy in a subtle yet present way.


October 1st – 12:00 Moon enters Cancer
October 3rd – 15:12 Moon enters Leo
October 5th – 17:19 Moon enters Virgo
October 7th – 17:10 Moon enters Libra
October 9th – 22:09 Moon enters Scorpio
October 12th – 03:52 Moon enters Sagittarius
October 14th – 13:17 Moon enters Capricorn
October 17th – 01:36 Moon enters  Aquarius
October 19th – 14:20 Moon enters Pisces
October 22nd – 00:58 Moon enters Aries
October 24th – 08:33 Moon enters Taurus
October 26th – 13:40 Moon enters Gemini
October 28th – 17:27 Moon enters Cancer
October 30th – 20:42 Moon enters Leo

October 2nd, 2018 Third Quarter Moon in Cancer 03:45

October 8th, 2018 New Moon in Libra 21:46

October 16th, 2018First Quarter Moon in Capricorn 12:01

October 24th, 2018 Full Moon in Taurus 10:45

*Dates and times are all calculated in CST Time Zone (For accurate time and date in your area, please use a time zone converter)

If you would like to know about each transit, you can head to Astrology King‘s links down below

October 2nd 18:03 – Mercury square Pluto
October 5th 13:04 – Venus Retrograde 10 ♏ 50
October 10th 11:35 – Mercury opposite Uranus
October 10th 20:29 – Venus square Mars
October 11th 22:10 – Sun square Pluto
October 12th 02:19 – Mercury sextile Saturn
October 15th 14:20 – Mercury conjunct Venus 08 ♏ 50
October 19th 03:46 – Mercury trine Neptune
October 19th 11:23 – Mercury square Mars
October 22nd 13:13 – Mercury sextile Pluto
October 23rd 18:46 – Sun opposite Uranus
October 24th 06:51 – Venus sextile Saturn
October 26th 08:16 – Sun conjunct Venus 03 ♏ 06
October 27th 20:51 – Sun sextile Saturn
October 29th 05:04 – Mercury conjunct Jupiter 27 ♏ 49
October 31st 02:44 – Venus opposite Uranus

*Dates and times are all calculated in CST Time Zone (For accurate time and date in your area, please use a time zone converter)


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Have a wonderful month and don’t forget to practice gratitude every single day!


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