October 2017 – Energetic Forecast

October Forecast

Hello fellow moon children!

Can you believe we’re finally in October? to think that there are only 2 months left in 2017 really makes me feel like time has gone extremely fast, where did it go?

So, we’ve all been hit by closing circles and releasing A LOT of things in August (which was a pretty powerful month), then we initiated some changes, experienced new beginnings and shed light on issues in September. Its energy was a little less intense and holding some real manifesting POWER.

October, while the intensity has winded down a bit from September, it still brings a few transits to look out for, aside from the Full and New Moons, that always affect us.

The September New Moon in Virgo will still be influencing our present in the first few weeks of October. Virgo helps us to really take charge and action in our lives, through planning, organizing, structuring, setting priorities, identifying healthier habits and patterns for ourselves and others. We are being guided to be the person we are truly meant to be, letting go of what isn’t for our highest good and walking towards what IS for our soul’s purpose. THIS is the time to keep planting the seeds we wish to harvest later on, because of how fertile this time really is.

The Full Moon in Aries will be on October 5th. This Full Moon will be much about relationships. The Moon in Aries is about YOU; the individual, while the Sun together with Mercury and Jupiter in Libra are about US; the collective. This might give way to power struggles. It may even be difficult to manage these strong emotions that may rise up because communicating your own feelings may be harder than usual. Keep reminding yourself that a balance is always the best choice. Don’t make it all about you and don’t make it all about other people.

Pay attention to what is coming up in order to heal. Surround yourself with high vibration experiences, people, feelings and thoughts. Continue to release what doesn’t serve you and you can use the intense energy surrounding this Full Moon to get motivated and take action towards your goals, projects or intentions instead of giving into petty disagreements, gossip, laziness or deception. Keep the vibe high!

A semi-square between Uranus and Neptune occurs on the 7th, this may bring a lot of inspiration from projects or ventures which we love, are strongly connected to and that truly resonate with us. However, the same cannot be said for those projects or ventures we no longer feel connected to. A sense of restlessness or anxiety may rise if we don’t align with what our soul needs now. We also benefit from the clarity of a Mercury-Sun alignment in Libra on the 8th. At this time we move out of impulsivity and erratic behavior to a more thought out mental process and clear communication.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, generosity and abundance, will enter Scorpio on October and will remain here until 10th November 8th, 2018. This transit urges us to go after our heart’s desires, something I feel we’ve been pushed towards in the last couple of months with the Solar and Lunar Eclpise, Leo Season and major transits. We’re being encouraged to truly walk down the path that makes our spirit flutter with joy, we’re being called to release those things that tie us down and hurt us, we’re being guided to believe in greatness… and achieve it.

We are becoming who we are meant to be, we are being placed where we are meant to be. With this transit we will also be able to go within, into the mystery of the darkest corners of our souls, find answers and channel that Scorpio energy to remove toxic energies around us, cutting free and liberating ourselves from them once and for all. What is blocking you from living the life you desire? Is there something that’s preventing you from enjoying your relationships? What’s hidden under layers inside of you that needs to heal or be released?

This inner journey may even allow us to discover or awake hidden talents or gifts we may hold within ourselves. Some may experience an increase of extra-sensory abilities, sharper intuition or clairvoyance. Another posibility is that you’ll be finding things in others that were also hidden, which proves you can always learn something new about someone.  Jupiter in Scorpio brings healing, knowledge, growth, expansion and transformation.

Venus enters Libra on October 14th, promoting peace and harmony in all relationships until November 7th. We can be especially idealistic and excited about love but be mindful not to get so excited and enveloped, that you might miss (intentionally or unintentionally) important issues regarding that relationship. Keep your vision and judgement clear.

Mercury transits Scorpio from the 17th forward. Superficial and empty causes or reasons are no longer something we’re interested in. Scorpio is deep, emotional and mysterious, and this will be what you’re after; hidden emotions, thoughts and intentions. You’ll feel like diving deep in order to gain knowledge and answers, whether within you or others.

The New Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries on the 19th.  A New Moon is conjunct the Sun. This means that both the Sun and the Moon will be in a tug of war with Uranus, the planet that’s all about change. You may feel the need to make radical changes or do something that’s completely different from what you’ve normally done, but this doesn’t mean you’ll feel the same after a few weeks, so be tempered with this as well. Make sure whatever changes you make aren’t based on rash or erratic decisions. This is also the perfect time to focus on relationships and their impact on our lives. There will be a nice energy for conflict resolution around us.

Mars glides into Libra on October 22,  on the same day, the Sun enters Scorpio, this will enhance the need to connect on a deeper, more intimate level, this energy is perfect for adding a little passion into a relationship or connecting with your own sensual energy and magnetism.

A trine between Mercury and Neptune on the 24th is perfect for allowing that creative energy to flow, you’ll have increased inspiration and motivation for projects and endeavours. Any blocks or obstacles you may have faced regarding your creativity will dissolve and it will begin to flow more effortlessly.

Just like in last month’s Forecast, I wanted to draw a Tarot card to represent the overall energy for the month, and October is The Emperor.

The Emperor - The Good Tarot

This is the card that asserts authority, control, solid foundations and structure. This does seem to align with the energy of those transits we’ve discussed in this post.

The Emperor brings confidence and strength to move forward with your goals, what you have learned up until today, has provided you with wisdom and courage. You can create order out of straight chaos this month. This structure and organization will also allow you to manifest into the material world, all the things you wish to manifest.

Be mindful though, of not overpowering or controlling other people. Be flexible, hear everyone’s point of view and make objective decisions. Don’t fall into a rigid place of judgement, being petty or dismissive, as you may hurt yourself and others in the process. You can be bold and lead others at this time, just do it with a tempered mind & heart.

Alignments and transits during September:

October 01 – Mars trine Pluto
October 03 – Venus trine Pluto
October 05 – Full Moon Aries, Venus conjunct Mars
October 08 – Venus square Saturn, Sun conjunct Mercury
October 09 – Mercury square Pluto, Sun square Pluto
October 10 – Jupiter enters Scorpio
October 11 – Mars square Saturn
October 12 – Mercury sextile Saturn
October 14 – Venus enters Libra
October 15 – Mercury opposite Uranus
October 16 – Sun sextile Saturn
October 17 – Mercury enters Scorpio
October 18 – Mercury conjunct Jupiter
October 19 – New Moon Libra, Sun opposite Uranus
October 22 – Mars enters Libra
October 23 – Sun enters Scorpio
October 26 – Sun conjunct Jupiter
October 27 – Venus square Pluto, Mercury sextile Pluto

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