November Reading – 2018

Hello Starseeds!

November is here and we get just a bit closer to the end of this whirlwind of a year!

I drew a few cards from the Work Your Light Oracle for each week of November. My monthly readings start the week from Monday-Sunday. When you combine all weeks, you get an idea of what the month might bring in for you.

Remember, this is guidance on what the available underlying energy currents might be like, so you can work with them for your greatest good.

Week from October 29th – November 4th


Have you noticed there’s an awakening of souls on a grand level recently?

This week, many of us are being reminded of our true nature as infinite beings; as starseeds. We all carry particular gifts that lead us to our life’s purpose. That being said, what gifts do you hold within, that are being held back or dimmed? It’s time to fully embrace who you are so you can truly walk down the path that is not only for your greatest good, but for the collective good. A grand scheme in which we all are crucial and necessary pieces.

This week might bring in dreams, visual signs, master numbers and other high vibrational messages that are leading you to connect with yourself and to higher planes. You are meant to be here, now, in this moment as you are. There is infinite wisdom within you. Accept and embrace it. Listen to what lights your soul on fire, that’s the key  that will unlock the life you desire and spark change in yourself and around you.

KEYWORDS: Soul purpose. Listening. Inner spark. Ascension.

Week from November 5th-11th
The Crumbling


I know it’s hard to let some things go. Endings can be emotional and challenging. Sometimes we can easily attach to what’s familiar and comfortable because it provides some sort of ease. We begin to resist change and release because it can be uncomfortable. But what if something greater is meant to come into your life? What if this transformation improves your life in a way you hadn’t dreamed of? Would it be easier to let go?

This week might feel like you’re trying to hold on to a broken vase; gripping all of the pieces tightly so you don’t lose a single one. Holding that grip for a long time will tire you out and eventually you will need to release those pieces, just because it’s physically impossible to hold them forever. It’s time to take a good, hard and conscious look at what you’re clinging on to. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old habit, a relationship, a job, a partnership, an idea, your old self… you know deep down what must be let go of for you to be able to have empty hands to receive. Don’t be afraid, even if things crumble, they can be rebuilt in wonderful ways, especially with the Scorpio New Moon energy that will be available this week,

KEYWORDS: Release. Transformation. Ending. Clearing.

Week from November 12th-18th
Align Your Life


Everything in our life has a time stamp. Some experiences, people, habits or ways of being are meant to last longer than others, yes. The Universe, our lives and we ourselves are cyclic. You are not a linear, limited being. Trying to make things stay the same after it has fulfilled its purpose makes energy stagnant and can start to have its own side effects. This is why this week, you’re being called to really assess what no longer resonates in your life. With so much activity happening in the sign of Scorpio, it’s not uncommon to be revising and reviewing what’s under the shadow, what lies in your unconscious so it can be transmuted, changed or released.

Before aligning with what you DO want in your life and for it, things have to be cleared, harmful or repetitive patterns have to be recognized and worked on, acceptance must come to replace resistance. This week’s energetic influence points to even more clearing and clarity. I don’t feel it will be an overthought process, but rather a very intuitive one.

KEYWORDS: Alignment. Being mindful. Following your truth. Clarity.


Week from November 19th-25th


This week brings out attention to any polar tendencies we might have regarding boundaries. Like everything in life, extreme ends of a spectrum are not ideal because there is no balance.

This week’s energy comes as a motivating and empowering nudge to listen to your intuition and instincts. If you’re used to agreeing to something or saying yes too much, even when it doesn’t resonate with you, it’s time to set limits. The same can be said if you’ve got too many limits and walls put up. If you’re always saying no, even when you really want to say yes, it’s time to let that guard down a bit and open up to experiencing a lot more, even if it makes you feel a bit vulnerable.

Healthy boundaries are necessary for you and your life. You just have to find a balance between honoring your truth, standing up for your well-being, maintaining it and being there for others as well. You have to learn to discern when to do which. You cannot be there 100% for everyone in your life, without sacrificing a bit of your own. That’s why some limits are necessary, healthy even. Keep the scale balanced.

KEYWORDS: Limits. Self-protection. Self-love. Follow your heart. Inner voice. Discernment.

Week from November 26th – December 2nd
Break The Chain


As the month comes to an end, so much has been cleared, so much surfaced to continue with the process of healing. Healing is not a destination, it’s not something you finally “attain”, because there is always something to heal in life.

You are on a path. This one is your own, but you have to be the one to make it your own by honoring and listening to your soul. It’s time to focus on what’s next for you. Stare into the unknown with a sense of excitement and wonder. Allow yourself to feel lighter now that you’ve cleared and released so much (this may continue to unfold), even if it has been challenging, intense, if you’ve had to part with circumstances that you never thought you would, if certain people were released from your life… trust in the Divine Timing. Be grateful for all that has come to pass and all that will. It’s time for you to break the chaings that hold you back, inside or out, so you can rise.

KEYWORDS: Clearing. Healing. New beginnings. Rebuilding. Hope.


If you want a more detailed reading to see what November is bringing for you in particular, feel free to book an appointment with me & send an email to or a Direct Message on my Instagram Account @themanifestingmoon.


Have a fun and vibrant month!


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