Solid Grounds – November 9th 2017

9. The Vision Quest Tarot - Grandfather

After all you’ve been discovering and going through, you might be noticing today a need for structure. No matter what may be going on around you, even if it seems a little chaotic, you’ll be able to organize your thoughts and actions.

This is the perfect time to be actively working towards whatever intentions you set on the last New Moon and what may have become clearer to you on the recent Full Moon. Today’s energy is helping you to set a plan of action in order to manifest those intentions and goals. They are beginning to take shape and become something more concrete.

Whatever issues arise for you today, you will be able to find a solution and resolve what needs to be resolved as long as you stay focused. Be confident. All the experience you have gained over the years will help you make decisions or any necessary adjustments.

Today’s energy encourages you to be grounded and turn those ideas, projects you have in mind or intentions you wish to manifest, into a reality. You know you can. You’re building the foundation for everything that is to come in your life, so make sure that foundation is something that will benefit and nurture you in the future.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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