Crack The Shell Open – November 7th 2017

7. Mermaid Oracle - Doreen Virtue

How about you wind down a little today? You’ve been quite the busy bee. It doesn’t matter if it’s hard labor, inner work or even house work. You have to take care of yourself first, in order to be able to be productive and take care of others. You’re hungry: eat. You’re tired: rest for a bit. You’re overwhelmed: take a moment to be in silence and breathe. It doesn’t always have to be GO GO GO!

Sometimes it’s hard to accept that you can deny yourself and your life things, by being blocked to receive. You’re probably thinking “No I’m NOT!”. Well sometimes you don’t even notice it because it’s as quiet as the bottom of the deep blue sea, also hidden in darkness.

In your conscious state, you can be saying affirmations, meditating, working on attracting prosperity and abundance into your life and BELIEVING IT, but the hard question I faced myself was: “Am I FEELING it?” I was surprised to find that I wasn’t. I was working hard, expressing it, believing it but the vibrations that were coming from within me didn’t match.

If you don’t fully FEEL worthy, abundant, rested, healthy, prosperous, loved, successful and more, it’s going to be more difficult for it to be manifested. The Universe gifts us with opportunity when it knows we can recognize it as ours and act towards it, if we can’t recognize it, we deny the opportunity, if we deny the opportunity, it doesn’t manifest. Sounds so simple, but all of this is happening on a vibrational level.

Give yourself permission to FEEL, believe, think and say that you are worthy of what your heart desires. You have that divine spark within you. Keep your external and internal vibrations on the same level and flow with the Universe and it’s magical currents!

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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