November 2017 – Energetic Forecast

Sorry for the delay in posting this Energetic Forecast for the month of November. So much is going on, and like everyone else, these transits and shifts have affected me too, some joyful and others not so much. I’m sure you’re going through your own process but here it is! Hope some insight helps.
November forecast

We are officially in Scorpio Season now. Jupiter entered Scorpio on October 10th and will remain there until November 8th, 2018. This transit brings forth transformation and change, Jupiter is all about abundance, expansion and good fortune and Scorpio, well… you know! Very intense, mysterious and deep.

The Sun entered Scorpio on October 23rd and will remain until the 21st of this month. This transit keeps you on your toes as you find what’s hidden in the shadows, what’s being illuminated, what truths or emotions you’ve been hiding. You’re discovering layers upon layers of yourself and uncovering secrets from the depths. This energy prods you to ask yourself some tough questions, to see if you’ve been living or expressing your own truth, how you’ve been doing it. The veil between the spiritual realm and the material one is quite thin at this time. This allows you to seek guidance from you Higher self and/or Spirit Guides to find some answers.
The Full Moon energy starts the month off. As you may have read in my Forecast for this particular phase, the Full Moon falls in Taurus. Taurus is ruled by Venus and governs the second house of the Zodiac. This house has to do with money, possessions, security and tangible things as well as emotions, self-worth, personal values or beliefs and sexual energy.

The Sun is in Scorpio now, opposite the moon, so this brings a somewhat polarized energy since Taurus like to be comfortable and steady, while Scorpio pushes you way out of your comfort zone and invites change, transmutation and transformation. For an extended view of the Full Moon in Taurus forecast, go here.

Venus enters Scorpio on November 7th and will remain there until December 1st. This transit will most definitely intensify the quest for your desires, dreams and fantasies. Scorpio is an “All or nothing” kind of energy and this will be felt strongly. Emotions will be more intense, but this also means that any insecurities and fears regarding relationships will be too. You will not be so interested in something superficial, but longing for a deep and meaningful connection that really makes you feel alive and sparks your soul.

On November 11th, there is a trine between Saturn and Uranus that really allows you to take action and make positive changes in your life. You can see this as a marking point in the transition or transformation that has already begun to take place. You’re comfortable with switching from one perspective to another in order to find the one that suits you most. You will have a clearer view of which direction you want to go in and a sense of excitement and wonder might kick in. At this time, there will be harmony between creating structures and organization and being able to experience freedom and creativity. Embracing the new doesn’t necessarily mean you immediately throw away the old. It’s a process, so give yourself a break and some time. This trine is also a good time to review shared long-term goals and make the necessary adjustments to plan ahead. See if those shared plans have changed recently, observe and identify if they still resonate with you.

This date, for me in particular feels very powerful because of the numerology aspect of it. 11/11/2017. Remember that 2017 is a 1 Universal Year (2+0+1+7=10; 1+0=1). In Numerology, the number 1 is representative of new beginnings, a fresh start. It motivates you to go after your heart’s desires and dreams. Manifestation is possible. You are co-creating the life you want, along with the Universe’s help and support. Set an intention for what your heart desires most on this date and keep an eye on your watch so you can potentialize in making it at 11:11. How exciting right? Connect with your Angels, deities, ancestors, Spirit Guides or Ascended Masters for their support and assistance in fulfilling that dream.

The New Moon falls in Scorpio (phew!) on November 18th. The Scorpio energy really DOES reign this month. With this New Moon, we are ESPECIALLY being shoved completely out of our own comfort zones in search for new and wonderous ventures. What’s still in the shadows keeps being illuminated in order to heal and be transmuted for a higher purpose. You will be shown different ways of being, perspectives, opportunities, projects and emotions. Think of it as a rebirth, everything that you have released and purify has now brought fertile and stable soil for you to plant the seeds of your intentions. It’s the perfect time to start a project or work on a new idea, re-connect in a deeper way in your relationships or even think about starting a new life, different than the one you’ve lived so far. You are finding your purpose, aligning with your truth and honoring it.

On November 21st, the Sun enters Sagittarius. A welcomed boost of positivism, confidence and joyful vibes surround you. Any hardship or difficulties you face at this time will be met with a cheerful and “can do” attitude. Allow this energy to motivate and inspire you but stay grounded always, you don’t want to float away too high up that you have no idea of how to come down. Thankfully, Neptune turns direct on the 22nd, allowing you to finally dissolve whatever mist of confusion and illusion still lingered and see things crystal clear. It’s a time to bring a dose of reality into your dreams and fantasies. No, it’s not a “dream killer” kind of energy but more of a grounding one. You’ll be able to identify possible limitations and obstacles as well as how to overcome and work with them. The creativity that’s been bubbling up inside, finally bursts out and manifests itself into your real world. Thinking out of the box for projects and new ideas is highly encouraged at this time because once Neptune is direct, you can trick yourself into an illusion or fantasy, but you’ll have a REAL view of how to go about it.

This month, be very aware of your intuition, Angel messages, synchronicities, Spirit Guide messages, dreams or anything that resonates with you. Scorpio also heightens our spiritual radar and right now, the messages are coming in so that we find the path that aligns with our true purpose and soul!

Believe that the life, the relationship, the career, the success, the love you dream of IS POSSIBLE and take inspired action towards it. The Taurus Full Moon was also a reminder not to neglect your body and mind, take care of yourself. Give yourself a break and rest whenever you feel you need it, allow your creativity to flow freely, express your truth and listen to others from a place of love. Be tempered with your reaction. Since emotions can intensify this month, make sure you don’t act like an angered Scorpion and sting or hurt those you love. Avoid unnecessary drama.


The Tarot card I pulled to represent the overall energy for November is Eight of Earth, which in traditional illustrations is the Eight of Pentacles.


November is definitely a month to get down and work towards a better you. It’s the perfect time to make an effort, set intentions, plant seeds of change and tying up all the loose ends that hinder your process, releasing and purifying.

The transits and energies surrounding this month will allow you to really find yourself and what you want by exploring your shadow side. You’ll gain clarity and understanding through this process as well as start to feel motivated, inspired and determined by all of this transformation and change.

Of course, transformations are never easy or smooth sailing, but any hardships or obstacles will be met with a greater understanding and wisdom from your higher power. Any process doesn’t show results from one day to the next, it’s progressive (sometimes you even regress and that’s ok too) and expansive. Improvements to yourself continue this month, and this time it’s all around… material, emotional and spiritual.

Be sure to not overwork yourself or put too many expectations on what you’re trying to achieve, let things flow naturally. Avoid becoming too controlling or being too much of a perfectionist. Otherwise, you may end up frustrated and anxious that your desired outcome hasn’t been achieved or that the results weren’t what you were expecting. You can really only focus on changing and improving yourself, not necessarily the external factors around you, but hey! Once you and your perspective change, everything does. Stay dedicated and patient.

This card encourages and reassures you that you are being heard and supported by the Universe and its Divine power.

Alignments and transits during November:

November 02 – Saturn square ChironNovember 03 – Venus sextile Saturn, Sun trine Neptune, Jupiter quintile Pluto
November 04 – Full Moon in Taurus, Venus opposite UranusNovember 05 – Mercury enters SagittariusNovember 07 – Venus enters Scorpio
November 09 – Sun sextile Pluto
November 11 – Saturn trine Uranus
November 13 – Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury square NeptuneNovember 16 – Venus trine Neptune
November 17 – Mercury sextile Mars
November 18 – New Moon in Scorpio
November 19 – Mars square Pluto
November 21 – Venus sextile Pluto, Sun enters Sagittarius
November 22 – Neptune Direct, Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron
November 25 – Mercury trine Uranus
November 28 – Mercury conjunct Saturn


Have a magical month of November!

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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