Manifesting Portal – November 11th 2017

11. Spirit de la Lune


Your head may be spinning today with information you are trying to assimilate from recent days or weeks. No, it’s not just happening to you, so don’t be fearful about it or feel like you’re going through this alone. We’re all in this together. At times, our mind can be filled with chatter, noise and distraction that makes our own inner voice or higher self seem disconnected or distant.

It’s time to quiet your mind and let that voice come through, let your truth come forth and guide you to what actions you may need to take. But before you act, you must first listen. Listen to the wisdom of the experiences you have already gained from your life. Listen to your intuition, it’s guided by divine power and consciousness. Your higher self is wise, trust and embrace it!

Listen to messages you might be receiving today in any shape or form, whether it’s through tarot/oracle readings, Angel messages, synchronicities, spirit guides or anything. Today’s vibration is assisting us with divine guidance and support.

Once you focus, shut out the noise and find your truth, you will be able to feel that spark being ignited within. You might even feel as though you just found what you had been searching for all along; the answer, an idea, a solution, a new path. Whatever it is that comes from you truly listening to your truth, will help you move forward in going after your dreams, passions and desires. New beginnings are on the horizon, so close now, you can almost feel it.

Yes, like I mentioned before, change or something new can be daunting BUT instead of giving into fear and insecurity, feed the rush and excitement of all the possible adventures, people, places, emotions and experiences to come. All of these will continue to aid in your growth and expansion as we get ready to say goodbye to this year. Align your dreams with what your soul’s truth is and your creations will be unstoppable.

” When you acknowledge your growth, you can then fully blossom and bloom”
Spirit de la Lune Guidebook

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The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.– Moon Siren

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