Time To Shed – November 10th 2017

Letting go can be quite challenging. It’s your own human nature that makes you grow accustomed to what you know. What you are familiar with gives you a sense of security because it’s somewhat “figured out”, it’s what you know!

Change makes everyone uneasy at least in some way. The fear and insecurity of the unknown throws us off balance. Today’s energy reminds you NOT to hang on to something just because it’s familiar or known, just because it is, doesn’t mean it’s for your highest good. There are many things in this world unexplored, that you, the wild spirit have to discover. But, in order to do this, just like a snake in growth, you must shed who you are now in order to expand and let that process unfold.

The more you struggle with this process, the more uncomfortable and trapped in your tight space you’ll be. Let go of your old skin, embrace the power and greatness that awaits, don’t fear it. All that’s coming up to the surface is ready to be released, transmuted or healed, open yourself up to it and let your truth be shown, your essence, your divine soul.

The Manifesting Moon Mantra - Dream. Believe. Manifest.

– Moon Siren

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