Nourishment – August 2nd 2020

I always find it fascinating when drawing cards and energy regarding different subjects or themes and they all have that thread of consciousness that weaves them together.

For those who read the August Reading and the Aquarius Full Moon articles, you’ll see that the advice we’re getting is to recognize when we need to step back, when to pause, when to retreat and the neverending (it’s been the theme too) reminder of the importance of self-care.

As I’ve mentioned before, even though I draw from the Self-Care Oracle deck on Sundays, the intention behind the draw is also intended as guidance for the upcoming week. Now, what this means to me is that this week we really need to focus a little more energy on how we are nourishing ourselves.

Yes, this means in every sense of the word. All of our bodies need tending to and care. Our physical nourishment can go from quiet time for ourselves, to a beauty routine, setting healthy boundaries and habits for ourselves and most definitely; to be aware and conscious of what we put in and on our physical bodies. The body is the vessel we use to get around in this world and is also a reflection of our emotional body and mental state, it’s a good indicator of our own energy too.

Check in with your body this week. What is it lacking? Is it rest? Is it hydration? Healthier foods? Maybe it could even be movement. We’ve been confined for a while and we may need to get the body moving to avoid emotions being stored inside the body.

We’ve been through a lot, both energetically and emotionally this year, I believe we’ve been given the chance to learn how to listen to our beings in a more clear and gentle way. Check with your emotional self too. Do you need some support? Perhaps it’s distance from other energies that may influence yours.

In the chaos of life, sometimes we neglect our own needs and we lose touch with what we’re needing in different times, and that’s ok. However, you can always go back to those things that feed your soul, body, heart and mind. This is a good week to try to incorporate at least one thing that makes you feel nourished and centered in your daily routine.


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