New Moon – March 2nd

The New Moon energy is settling in.

Energies are both inspiring, creative and a little confusing. We may be feeling uneasy or unsettled in one or more ways, there is a message that comes forth about bringing more awareness into our lives.

Our imagination may be leading at this time and like all in the Universe, it’s not good or bad, light or dark; rather, it just is. Now is a good time to reflect and seek being aware of how our imagination is working. Is it working for us or against us? Are we using our imagination to avoid emotions we need to face or are we using our imagination for intention setting and broadening our horizon or perspective?

Awareness, courage and willingness to cooperate is the overall message of the cards for this lunar phase. Why courage? Simple. Because now is the time to imagine, dream and follow our inner guide to birth new things but it may require courage from us. Courage to take action on our reflections, courage to deal with those emotions, courage to take that first step towards our dream, courage to break out of our comfort zone or even just courage to get up in the morning to face the day. Whatever moment you are in, some courage will be needed.

Sometimes we become too involved in what we feel and what we’re experiencing that we might feel like isolating or extracting ourselves from situations and, while seeking a moment of peace is not unhealthy, completely shutting out everything and everyone can backfire on us. This is why the additional message of the cards is to come together with others, we can’t do it alone. We were never meant to take on life by ourselves. How can we create something better for our life and where do others fit in in that?

Of course, I feel like this is a strong reminder for us as humanity, as a collective in this time. As daunting as it can feel and as terrifying the state of the world can be, dare to dream, allow yourself to find solace and support in things and people that are important to you. Whatever you are focusing strongly on mentally or energetically will have an impact in the next 6 months, so… what do you want your life to look like in 6 months? Do you have the courage to go towards it?

Happy New Moon Moonstars!

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