New Moon Draw – April 30th

Eclipse season starts with a bang…

Whenever there’s eclipse energy, things are bound to get interesting. This New Moon is not a stranger to that rule. 

The channeled message speaks to us about an entire process taking place during this time. From the moment you can sense a storm up until the sun comes out after it passes. 

As ominous as this sounds, it’s not too bad. A lot of tension and emotions have been accumulated and this may serve as a breaking point for release. usually, it’s the kind of energy we can expect during an eclipse; things that remain in the background unnoticed can come forth and have the spotlight focused on them. 

While going through turmoil or stormy weather can be daunting because when in the eye of the storm everything is confusing, you feel like you can’t trust what you see, there’s no clear direction or path to take and everything is volatile. However, even in that moment, we cannot forget that once the storm passes, the skies clear again. And so, if you’re going through something especially difficult during this period, trust that the sun will shine again. It will bring in new perspectives and paths that are meant for you.

It’s time to release pressure, anything that’s been building up inside that causes you to freeze or become paralyzed. It’s time to acknowledge what comes up for you during this time, face it and let go of what  holds you back. 

It’s time for you to take a chance on yourself and open yourself up to everything that can be. This is a transformational period which you aren’t forced to go through alone. Call in your support system if needed, collaborate with others to find deeper meaning to what you’re about. 

Even surrounded by darkness, don’t forget your own light, let it lead the way through the whirlwind. No matter how tough it gets, opportunity and chance are still present. There are choices to be made that can feel fated or destined. Don’t shy away from them. Live your life and do your best under the current circumstances, even when you can’t clearly see where it’s taking you to. 

With love,

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