New Moon Draw – April 1st

We’ve got New Moon vibes!

As many of you know, each New Moon starts a 6 month cycle, and what we plant during this time has significance in our lives.

It seems the energy that will be present for this New Moon could find you in some sort of crossroads. You may have something that requires you to make a decision while having more than one option available to you. New paths are forging before your eyes, and this event might help you in attaining clarity and courage for that choice.

This is a moment in which we can explore the possibilities within each of the paths ahead, plan our steps and work on strategies and intentions. It’s a very hopeful, yet somewhat nerve-wracking energy. Why nerve-wracking? Because we’re never quite sure what happens after we make that choice, and the unknown can be a little intimidating. 

The energy that will be available for us can allow us to consider stepping out of our comfort zone and looking passed it. Like someone trying to look over a fence to see what’s on the other side of it. What would happen if you change the way you usually have gone about things? Do these paths need a little extra courage or confidence? What are you looking to accomplish? Where can you afford to take risks? Does that other side look and feel like somewhere you want to go?

Try to see if you can expand your horizons and allow yourself to sail to unknown waters in hopes of finding new treasures. However, keep in mind that during this process, discernment is needed since things may not always be what they seem. Don’t just impulsively jump into something because it looks good on the outside. Really take the time to assess as much as you can about whatever options or paths you have before you. Check in with yourself too, since sometimes our own vision can become clouded or skewed. Are you looking at things for what they really are? Are you believing in mirages that don’t really exist? Are you being misled into a path that really isn’t right for you? Are you letting your fears block your path? Important questions we should all ask ourselves.

Don’t be afraid to rely on your intuition for this though. Your gut instincts are your internal compass… your soul taking the wheel. If your intuition is nudging you to go against something, you might want to listen. This is a very powerful moment to use the Moon’s energy and funnel it to really stir things up; it can be a spell jar, water ritual, burning ritual, vision board, whatever helps you to feel more clear and inspired for what’s to come. This will be very helpful and it will keep you connected to your intention and desire.

With the presence of the Justice card, I have to say it… Don’t forget about cosmic balance!!! You may be so excited or driven to tread the path that you choose, that you can forsake all else. Remember that balance is key in all aspects of life. It’s one of the things that keep us centered. And the second reminder that Justice brings is Cause and Effect. Remember that every action has a reaction, every choice creates a path. This is why it’s super important in this moment to feel into the Two of Wands energy and really observe, explore and discover the path that lies ahead. Know that choices cannot be undone without consequence. 

This is a very transformational event and I cannot be more excited to start to look to the horizon and explore new realms of opportunity!

Astrological details:

Tropical zodiac sign: Aries
Sidereal zodiac sign: Pisces

I hope all of you MoonStars have a magical and inspiring New Moon!

With love,

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