New Moon Contemplation – September 19th 2017

19. Spirit de la Lune
Spirit de la Lune

Today’s energy draw is in perfect synchronicity with tonight’s New Moon.

Reflection and contemplation always bring sought answers. Today, as the New Moon is in Virgo, you can ask yourself what daily activities and habits are for your best and highest interest and which harm more than they help. Review which areas of your life may need change and organization.

If you feel like decluttering your mind, space and heart, now is the perfect time to purify and detoxify your life and invite new and higher vibrations.

Virgo energy helps us to reevaluate and reorganize with ease as well as allowing that practical energy to flourish.

It’s never a bad thing to dream and fly off to woo woo land but it’s times and energies like these, that aid in bringing our dreamt castles in the sky, down to earth. Manifested and real.

In a nutshell, today, take some time to dream away, purify & cleanse and turn those dreams into reality with inspired actions.

Happy New Moon everyone!

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