New Grounds – August 17th 2020

Hello hello!

Can we take a deep breath and feel gratitude that we are here today? We’re alive, breathing, with blood pumping through our hearts, life running through our bodies.

New Moon energy is present!

Today’s energy is all about bringing in new experiences and integrating the things we love into our daily routine on all levels. Those things that nurture our hearts, bodies and spirits! What do we need more of to live a happy and fulfilled life? And how can we bring that in to a tangible form, how can we manifest it?

The Taurus energy on the second card that jumped for today’s draw speaks to me about materializing those new beginnings the energy of the New Moon brings. How can we build up the foundation for what we want to build upon, today?

A lot of the time, we focus on the end goal, but we tend to forget the end goal is only as strong as the foundation we previously lay for it. This is what I feel these two cards are guiding us towards. No matter how big or small, take a few steps towards what you’re working towards today. The collective energy supports being confident and assertive, so don’t be afraid to take action, especially if it’s something you’ve had on your mind for a while now.

What new stable grounds will you build for yourself today? Rome wasn’t built in a day and you most certainly do not have to have everything figured out right at this moment. However, if you have a clear direction on where your heart is leading you to, listen to your higher self and trust it’s leading you to new grounds!



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