Natural Self – September 3rd 2020

Today is a very auspicious day for letting your true self shine and be seen by the outer world.

So many times we shift and adapt to social norms, imposed beliefs or behaviors, ways of being, ways of doing, social programming or conditioning, perceptions of right and wrong and so many other things. Many of these things, at times, make us feel unworthy or shameful of our own essence, truth and path. It can make us uneasy and doubtful of ourselves.

However, today we have an opportunity to shed some of those beliefs, programming or expectations others may have of us, maybe even some we truly believed for a moment. Light is being shed on your true nature, your calling, your soul’s desires. The soul has the wisdom of ages and it knows where it wants to lead us, but this must be by choice. Our soul cannot lead us by force to walk our path. It’s a subtle guide, a nudge, a tug in a particular direction.

What have you been scared of being? Scared of doing? Why? Is there a niggling feeling that you’re going against what you truly wish? Is there something you’ve wanted to do or be but fear takes over? What if you had the power to break free of such limitations? You do… we all do.

We must begin to peel off layer by layer of these preconceived ideas of how things SHOULD be, of what our life SHOULD look like and what we SHOULD be doing. The truth is, only you know YOUR truth. The universe and a legion of light beings are supporting us in breaking through these layers so we may come more into alignment to who we truly are deep down, beyond the skin.

Believe in yourself, believe in your truth and know that you have the courage within, to break boundaries, patterns and come out feeling new and refreshed. Feeling more and more like yourself.



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