Move Your Toosh – April 5th

Today’s collective message is short and sweet!

Not everyone has a fast paced job that requires a lot of physical activity. For most of us, our jobs include a long time of being inactive with our bodies but this is not great for us, since we need activity and movement, not to mention the fact that energy can also become stuck in our bodies. 

It’s super important for us to break out of our own routines. The body has memory and it knows our daily movements. When we so much as stretch parts of our body that we don’t usually stretch, it makes a huge difference. Our posture, flexibility, energy level and overall mood depends on how much we move around! 

Have you ever noticed that the more you slug around, the less energy you have?

Today’s draw invites us to really move, both in literal and metaphorical sense. Let’s get our bodies unstuck. Dance around, stretch, do yoga, go to the gym or do whatever activity is fun for you and gets those endorphins going! Your body will thank you.

As for the more metaphorical sense; It doesn’t matter how big the steps you’re taking are, what matters is that you take them. Don’t be afraid to shake things up but keep moving forward.

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