Move Along – May 26th 2020

Here we are. Another day we get to be grateful for.

There’s DEFINITELY a theme here this week and it is MOVEMENT!  We are so being encouraged to keep moving forward and not spending too much dwelling on the past.

The energy of the month, this week and today is screaming for us to move forward, to let go of certain fears and take a leap of faith, maybe even more than one. We’ve been working so much of purging and clearing out stuff since a few years back and there’s a purpose to it all. We’re in the midst of creating new realities right now and this goes for both the collective and the individual.

Where is this new destination? you make what you want of it. If you’ve been actively aligning with your highest good, you’ll have a clear idea of where this movement will take you to, perhaps you’ve even been working on this for a while. If you don’t really know yet, that’s ok! take small steps and trust that you are where you need to be right now.

This is the time to fully embody your passion and let it light the way!

This card is also a reminder to give the body movement. We’ve all been confined and a little less physically active (maybe not for some) but the body stores emotions and energy too! so, any little movement we can give to our bodies at this time will also spark your inner fire and generate movement from within too. Let energy flow through your body and listen to what it’s telling you.

Let’s light this world on fire with passion and courage.



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