Monthy Reading – April 2020

We keep moving forward into a new month. April finds us a bit confused and scattered but still learning and moving through all the current events as best we can. I hope this month’s reading helps each and every one of you to find some sort of comfort in the Divine plan we’re all a part of.

The cards that came up for the April reading carry quite a clear message to me. We are being called to do so much more. When we each connect to our heart centers, we shift our perspective, hence our actions and the way we view ourselves and the world changes. When we each do this, we have the power to collectively impact and create something new. But we cannot help anyone else in this process, we cannot make others heal, wake up or do their work, this is an inner calling that must be felt from a deep place within each individual. In finding ourselves, our true essence, our true calling, we can shift as a collective.

We had lost so much of ourselves in the past, we were disconnected from our heart centers and were at times missing out on the “little things” that make us laugh, what connects us to others, what makes us feel love and loved. This message carries a reminder that those things we had deemed “little” weren’t really “little things” but in reality now that the veil has been lifted, we see it clearly, THOSE are the things that matter, now we see just how important they are; being able to go outside and sit in the sun with friends or family, being able to hug each other, laughing out so hard that your gut hurts, being kind to others JUST BECAUSE, the value of physical contact. We are being reminded of what truly matters to us.

Two cards in this draw are a call to action: The Answer the Call and Priestess cards are literally asking us to step up, to find what’s in our hearts and what our soul has to say through our higher self so we can lead. Each person in this plane can lead in some way, shape or form. Some may be called to lead by example or inspiration, others may be called to lead communities and collectives or families. Maybe it’s just taking the lead in your own life, your own house, your own emotions. It doesn’t matter how or when you do this, just know that you CAN. This is what we’re being called to do. To step into our power through our hearts, through our nature of light, through empathy and lightheartedness.

I know you might roll your eyes as you read the word “Lightheartedness” and ask “How the HELL am I supposed to be lighthearted right now?!” And that’s a valid question. My personal answer is just to find, even if just once a day, something that allows your heart to feel less heavy. Whether it’s breathing exercises, watching a funny movie, meditation, silly games with your kids that make you laugh, moving around and dancing… whatever lets you connect even if just for a moment, with a lighter heart. Do it. You need it, we all do.

As hard as times may be, let’s allow ourselves to feel whatever we need to feel, but let’s live it well. Life is precious and we can still make the most of what we have, when we have it. This month’s energy is saying “What do you want the world/your world to be when this is over? Let’s take small steps towards that now. Let’s turn this physical distance into the strongest heart bond that will lead us to unity. Let’s start rebuilding ourselves so we may build a new world together.

Hoping all of you are staying safe, for those of you who still need to go out into the world for work or you’re a part of medical teams, or anything. I see you, I honor you and appreciate your calling and actions. We are all here with you in spirit and we will not leave you alone.

And again, if anyone feels the need to talk, about this or just anything else to get your mind off things, I am here, a message away.


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