Monthly Reading – September 2020

September is here and boy does it have some powerful energies for us!

The messages for the upcoming weeks have arrived and I hope they resonate. As I mention every month, you can take this reading as overall predominant energies for the month, or you can take them as four individual weeks and their energies. However it resonates, take it with you and what doesn’t, leave it behind.

The cards that came up for this month were The Hanged Man, The Devil, Temperance and the 5 of Swords. We’ve got 3 major arcana cards present again, just like in the August Reading, so significant changes are possible once again this month.

There is a very introspective energy and it’s no surprise because of the Pisces Full Moon that starts the month off. And I know that there have been so many energies influencing these “pauses” but for good reason. When we take a pause and use it to reflect upon our life, a certain area or a relationship, we’re able to take better and wiser steps later on. It helps us avoid going too fast or act too impulsively.

Now, I also feel that this winding down coincides with the Mars retrograde pre-shadow period where we will feel things go at a slower speed. By the second week of September, the planet of action will be retrograding in Aries. This energy also calls for reasessing of our plans and the way we act or react. This might lead us to uncover what’s in the shadows still that might be limiting or derailing us, this is the presence of The Devil card. In this reflective moment, we’ll be able to see if there are any attachments to doing things in a certain manner, if we’re aligning our actions with what we want, if we’re cutting ourselves short with limiting beliefs or restrictive behaviours, if we’re having trouble opening up to new experiences, if we’ve been tempted by the easy way vs the right way for us. This card’s energy is a reminder to break ourselves free of any shackles (self imposed or not) that hold us back, that keeps us stagnant and rigid. The devil is in the details!

We can also use the Virgo season influence to be detailed, organized and practical. To really listen to our bodies and adjust any change of routines, habits, patterns or attitudes that may no longer serve us. How can you be more efficient and grounded on a daily basis? How can you show up and what do you need to do to accomplish it?

Mid-month, we may be feeling a little more balanced, patient as per the Temperance card influence. By this time, we’ve probably seen what is holding us back and now we have a choice to move forward, not at lightning speed, but by taking small, strong steps. This is an integrating period where we have already seen the shadows that lie within but instead of holding them back, surpressing or ignoring them, we get to invite them to fully transform us, in patience and acceptance. This is a powerful period that can teach us how to stabilize and harmonize our energy. To invite acceptance and openness instead of clinging to control and resistance. It’s an energy that asks us to trust and flow while maintaining our vision clear on where it is we want to go next.

Would you want things fast and faulty or slow but sturdy? That’s the question that we have to ask ourselves at this time. Sometimes the best we can do is to do what we can, and trust that the rest will fall into place by surrendering to the Universe.

By the end of the month, we have a choice… we can look back with sadness and grief over the changes that have ocurred within and outside of us or we can reconcile with the idea that we are everchanging, always evolving and constatly moving forward. It’s a call to try (keyword being try) to not get stuck on those things that have ended, those cycles that have come to a close, what’s being left behind. Yes, what we’ve had to deal with in the previous weeks at this point might be hard, but it will only strengthen and build us up. This really will be a matter of choice: Do we let ourselves lower our energy and feel loss or do we take it as a sign that we’ve just made room for the new? It’s ok if we need a little time to process and integrate, feel a little sad or go through a grieving process. The key is not to let that energy dominate and try to keep a light on even of those tougher days.

It’s also a reminder to try to not move forward from a place of fear. Yes, things have happened in the past, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily bound to happen again. Trust and faith gets us far.

With end the month already in Libra season, this energy can definitely influence us in seeking fairness, justice and beauty. Can you find beauty in your surroundings? In your current circumstance? In your life? Are your actions in life fair to you? How can you feel like you’re living a beautiful life?

I hope everyone has a wonderful and transformative month!



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