Monthly Reading – February 2020

I cannot even begin to explain how the upcoming energies make me feel! My heart is exploding with excitement.

This month’s draw brings so much vibrant energy, it’s crazy. Has anyone else felt everything gaining momentum and accelerating?

Queen of wands, Ace of cups, the Sun and the Chariot all came up for this month’s energy reading. So what does this imply?

Not only will there be new opportunities and synchronicities coming up, but we will be courageous enough to take action towards them with enthusiasm and optimism. A lot of us will be feeling a need to take charge, to get things moving! To really start to work towards completing goals and manifest intentions. Some may even feel quite energized during most of the month, physically and mentally. Multitasking energy alert! Focus will be sharp but there is a caution here too, I feel. For those that may have too many balls up in the air, be sure you know your limits as to what you can handle well without dropping those balls. Handle that fire without letting it burn you out.

These energies will have us wanting to conquer the world and do everything at once, but remember to pace yourself. This isn’t a race… Rome wasn’t built in a day right? Your empire can be built with steady and consistent steps. It’s a very fertile ground we walk upon right now, but plan and act accordingly in order to build the best foundation you can build for your life. What do you see happening for you at this time? will you say yes to what you want? what direction do you want to take yourself towards? Have faith in what you’re doing, in the steps that you want to take but don’t mindlessly rush into anything. Put some thought into it too. Inspired action is key, not just giving into random impulses that might bring some chaos.

Socializing can be strongly supported by these energies. Meeting new people, finding new and creative ways to work together and have fun because everyone might be more receptive than usual. For those of you who work in teams or with other people, this might make for really nice gatherings and friendly shared moments. New romances, business opportunities, and a lot can manifest quickly right now, the universe is nudging and encouraging us with these energies but it’s up to us to actually do something about it. Opening ourselves up to the possibility, trusting that it is possible, working WITH the universe.

Hearts are open and a bit more exposed so, a lot of heartfelt conversations might take place, there’s sort of a warm fuzzy feeling surrounding these energies and it will also be very healing. Gratitude, joy and and overall sense of support will be showering down on us all. Again, I feel there’s also something to look out for here; be mindful of the hearts you have around you at this time, since an open heart can feel too vulnerable for some they might react in unexpected ways if they feel attacked for any reason. So, just take care of your own heart and be mindful of others. Let love rule.

I’m not saying that no one will have obstacles to overcome or certain plans to adjust (especially since Mercury Retrograde is coming), there will be, there always are some difficulties. However, the overall feeling will have us knowing that we can see them as opportunities and not difficulties, by having a positive mindset and maybe even feel excited to find different ways to go about things.

Sexuality and sensuality also may be ignited at this time. Big fire energy in this area. So, feel free to enjoy, explore and of course, always be safe. Allow yourself to connect with your sexual energy and feel its power.

Past energies have been reminding us to let our light shine and now the stars and planets are shining along with us! Are you up for creating something new in your life?

The energies of this month have quite a bit to do with the 02/02/2020 Quantum Portal that’s opening up. Head here to know what’s up!

I created a spread for this month, to get a little more guidance if needed. Hope you enjoy it! I do hope you have a magical, wonderful, happy month!

Feb Spread

Feb Spread2



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