Mirrors – August 28th 2020

Some days we can see ourselves and the external world in a much clearer way. However, with the smoky mirror we may not be able to, as usual.

It may take a little time today to have a clear vision on a circumstance. Not because the circumstance itself in unclear, but because our vision might be impaired. We must trust that sometimes we cannot rush the process, sometimes we have to wait it out, breathe while the fog clears.

This card may also signify for some, that some subconscious shifts are happening that you might not feel immediately but that will bring all the more clarity in coming days. Triggers may be arising from the depths of your subconscious too and will be visible. Instead of pushing them back into the darkness, recognize them and find out where they come from. Sometimes being able to see them lifts the fog that was there once before. You become much more aware.

What is triggering you and what is it telling you to pay attention to?

How can you see yourself and the world with more clarity?

What shift in your perspective can help you blow the fog out?

If you’re noticing the fog is not lifting as fast as you’d like. Take this moment to surrender to the unknown and trust that it will.


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