Mindful Creation – April 4th 2018

Hello magical souls! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far.

Today’s message is empowering and uplifting. It is here to remind you to create. Create habits that allow your vibration to stay high as much as possible and to be mindful in the process. Remember that everything you’re asking the Universe for has an effect.

I’ll give you a little personal example that I became aware of after my surgery in January. When I was recovering, I had some very annoying shooting pains that felt like needles going through me. I wanted them gone. However, I realized that those shooting pains might have been nerves and tissue regenerating and if I asked for it to be gone jist because it was annoying or a little painful, I might not heal as well as I could, so I let them be and never asked for them to be gone again.

Sometimes, we want something to be over and ask for help from the Universe but we never stop and mindfully consider the effect. So, today think about what you’re creating in your life, what you’d like to create and consider the cause and effect. Use your discernment to know what’s the best choice for your highest good. Now, go a create some magic!

Moon Siren


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