Mighty Strong – March 28th

“You are stronger than you think you are, and your strength assures a happy outcome”
– Goddess Guidance Oracle booklet

What a card to start off the week right?

Sekhmet is such a powerful Egyptian Deity. In case you don’t know much about her, I’m happy to share a few details so you can get a feel of what her energy represents. 

She was the patron of Physicians and Healers, the ancient Egyptians believed that she had a cure for every problem. Sekhmet, was originally the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt and was also seen as a goddess of strategy. She is fierce and unstoppable. Creator and destroyer of worlds. Intense, right?

Her energy resonates in such a strong way for me. She holds the power to create or destroy, and I believe that even as humans, we have the power to give life and create things but we also carry that same power to destroy and annihilate, not only in our life but in other people’s as well. In a more individual sense, we also have the ability to create and destroy things within ourselves. 

There is a visible correlation between how we see ourselves or speak to ourselves and what we create externally. 

Sekhmet’s energy brings a reminder to find that unbeatable strength we possess inside. It reminds us to overcome obstacles, challenges and blocks we may face, and to bring forth that assertive and strategic confidence that helps us move through our path. 

She also brings a reminder that we are accountable for our own decisions and actions. She reminds us that our personal power is just that: personal. If we choose to blame others for everything and victimize ourselves, then this is a conscious choice to make us less responsible for our life circumstances. This gives our power away.

Sekhmet is not a victim of circumstance but a creator of reality. You can call upon this energy today so you may feel fierce, confident and strong!

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