Mercury Retrograde – July 2018

Hello manifesters!

How is everyone feeling?

I know a lot of us are being tossed and turned in a whirlpool of changes at the moment, energies shifting, transformations and portals for manifesting opening up. Today, Mercury joins 5 other planets currently in retrograde and finds some of us a little frazzled already. But, not to worry… A retrograding Mercury is not to be feared or dreaded but, appreciated and embraced. A lot can be learned during this period. This retrograde in Leo starts July 26th and ends on August 18th. Phew! talk about some serious fireballs being thrown.

Most of you already know that Mercury rules such things as communication, travel, intellectual abilities or thoughts. That being said, when this transit happens, all of these things are affected by it. Misunderstandings, miscommunication, arguments, delays or forgetfulness might seep in.

There’s a lot of “don’ts” that can be found whenever you do research on this particular transit; like don’t sign legal documents, make big purchases or life changing decisions, avoid traveling or surgery, to not get married during the transit, and to not begin new projects. They all have a point. However, I’d like to go into why I give more attention and thought to awareness, rather than avoidance or dread.

No one can 100% drop all responsibilities, commitments, jobs, duties and go hide out by themselves in some cave to avoid what “may happen” during this transit, even though, sometimes it’s so intense that you kinda wish you could! There is beauty in this time too. Trying to avoid it’s energy is as useful as trying to hide an elephant behind a flower. Can’t be done. Fearing or dreading this period can actually be quite counter productive, since you manifest according to the vibration you are in. If you’re out there believing that you’ll have arguments, fights, disagreements, delays, technology issues… well then, you just might attract that exact thing. Not all retrogrades are the same, and not all of them affect you in the same way, but they all have important lessons for your highest good. I believe that this period allows you to go deeper; To review, renew, restructure, redesign, question and reevaluate many things; from relationships, to why you can’t seem to break some habits.

I have a personal practice that I incorporated when seeking answers in my own life. I became aware that every tought, emotion, action and reaction has a why behind it. So, it only made sense to ask “WHY” every time I couldn’t figure something out. I’ll give you a short example of my own process:

“I have to be somewhere by 9am”, but everything and everyone seems to be making me late. I start to get very irritated and frustrated, allow low vibration emotions creep in and I can feel myself about to snap at a person. I stop myself and ask “why does this bother me THIS much?”. Well, I don’t like it when things are left to be done at the last minute. But why? The answer to this was both shocking and unexpected for me. For every answer I found, I asked why. By the end of it, I was so far gone from what I “thought” the problem was. In the end, I realized it had nothing to do with whatever everyone was doing, but the issue was within me. That gave me the patience and understanding to handle things differently and not snap.

Those small nuisances that you may encounter, have a purpose. How do you react when things don’t go your way? do you blame others? do you accept and embrace it and move forward? do you resist? If you do resist, is it channeled creatively or does it become hostility and anger? where does that hostility trigger from? And so, keep asking. Find the answers and work through them.

All of these questions (and many many more) are helpful during this time. You cannot be responsible for every single thing that happens in your life, but you ARE responsible for how you react to it, no one else. This transit also allows you to really be mindful of how you express yourself and your truth, how you interact with others and how you handle yourself in shadow areas.

Now, there is something undeniable in this Mercury retrograde, and that’s Leo’s fire influence during this period. I myself already feel the effect of this regal and powerful energy. I don’t have a “Don’t” list, but rather, some advice to share.

The Leo spark can turn into a roaring fire if not channeled properly. Leo is very much “me” energy, the self. And that’s quite alright. You’re being asked to step into your power, to connect with your life path, to listen to your heart, to align your life and actions with your highest good. What you should look out for is going overboard. Thinking about your well-being does not mean thinking ONLY about your well-being. You have to remember that we’re all connected and we’re all mirroring each other all the time. Avoid falling into playing the victim (or bully) ,making it all about you or forgetting that others are in their own process as well.

That same Leo spark should be kept in check when expressing yourself. Seek balance, don’t let other people overpower you, and don’t try to overpower anyone else. Every one has the right to express their truths just as much as you. I’d advise to avoid the blame game too, as I mentioned before, you and you alone are responsible for how you react and the decisions that you make 100% of the time, blaming others at this time can cause tension, anger and aggressiveness. Short tempers might also be present during this transit, so stay calm. Think before you speak. Act instead of react. Count to 100, count sheep, count unicorns or whatever you want! but find a way to center yourself before speaking. When you speak, do it with your heart and with compassion.

Imagine if every single one of us channeled our roaring energy outwards and onto others, blaming each other, being insensitive and abrupt with others and being ego-driven, it would be complete mayhem! Now, picture what it would look like if we were all focusing on ourselves and our own growth while respecting and supporting others in theirs, filled with compassion and understanding. Quite a different picture, right?

Of course there’s many beneficial effects from the Leo energy reigning over this transit! One of them is that innate ability to focus on yourself. Turn inward and go explore. That’s the safest and smartest path. Instead of channeling that energy outwards into the world, step into your own world and subconscious and channel it in healthy, creative, high vibrational things. Find out where your heart lies, what you wish to create, how to go about creating it, what things in the past have served you, what lessons you’ve learned so far and what you are currently learning.

Don’t be surprised if things from the past (or people) resurface. Let them. Observe how it makes you feel and try to figure out what lesson it’s asking you to learn, what is being shown in order to heal, and most importantly, what’s being shown in order to be released. With the Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse coming up, whatever will be released will have a greater purpose. It’s time to clean up and make room for more to come.

In a nutshell, take this time to:

Put yourself under the microscope
Step into your own power
Connect with your deepest desires
Work on your heart chakra
Avoid letting your ego or pride lead the way
Think before you speak or act
Embrace your shadow side and work through things
Take precautions while traveling
Be patient and grateful.

Wishing you all the best!





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